Sky Force Reloaded High Score & Tournament Competition


it’s official now. working on a fix.
in appstore update section Snotty’s method of delete and reinstall is even recommended when you don’t want to wait for the fix.
you will lose all stars and will have to restore IAP puchases.

the Xmas level lets you fly in a gingerbread ship with Rudolf the Reindeer as copilot. you will shoot snowballs and fight against giant snowmen and flying cakes which throw cherries at you. christmas trees all around the place.
it’s lovely deadly :smirk:


So I decided to grind out the last 10 cards I was missing last night… I ran Stage 7 Insane with the Ace of Spades over and over, as it had a lot of crates, and no end boss. Things went pretty smoothly, and I was down to 1 card missing (card 24) pretty quickly. I dumped another 100k stars into the card radar, and lost so many 60% chances I felt like I was in a Bear Trap in Twilight Struggle. It seems pretty clear that this card won’t appear in Stage 7 as well.

Does anyone have any idea where they got card 24 (the last card) to appear?


I used the radar and got it on the third hit. Mine was hiding on level 4 on nightmare. I searched for a long time before the radar and couldnt find it naturally.

I also read somewhere it helps if youve finished all the levels with the red ship first. Theres no data to back this up, and may simply refer to a bonus you get after you get the card. It might be worth checking in the ships menu though.


I just gave up and unlocked Nightmare… I finally found it a couple times with the card radar, but I failed the runs on Stage 11 insane and Stage 13 normal. I’d probably stand a better chance surviving a low level Nightmare if I find it again (though I could probably do Stage 13 normal pretty easily now…)


Nice throwaway line … “I just gave up and unlocked Nightmare” …

I am the opposite, I gave up trying to unlock Nightmare. I guess I need to try again …


The fight actually isn’t that bad… Shield as needed to take down the first two cannons without flying over the boss (as this causes the drone to spawn). Then deal with the green lasers in a straightforward manner. When the 4 orbs start shooting, you should be able to take the first down early, shielding for the second, and the last two are pretty manageable. Then be ready to avoid the giant laser in the center of the screen, and just rotate with the 4 lasers until everything is dead. I think that’s all there is to it at least…


I do something similar. Shields for the miniguns at the start, megabomb to clear away the bullets from the first orb, just as the second gets there, then a couple of lasers and the boss is dead before he starts spinning and lasering himself.


I don’t like the tournament level so far, they take so damn long :sleeping:
I tend to fall asleep and die at some point… plus the x-mas level was annoying, hard to tell if it was a bullet to dodge or a candy to collect :expressionless:

But the normal level are awesome, and the score can still be increased a LOT in every level on nightmare with the bonus card. For example in the first level I even missed 1 damn plane and so missed the 100% bonus. My guess is in level 1 there is around 2,5 million score possible… somehow… not by me… took me ages and endless tries to beat snottys score. :triumph:


I don’t mind the Xmas level, because it takes way less time than the regular tournaments due to the insta-death snowmen!

My problem with the Nightmare levels, if you want a competitive score it’s a 3k investment to make sure you have all the powerups. Maybe that’s not an issue after you’ve maxed everything out, but since I just finished the full deck (Stage 7 Nightmare) I’m not yet flush with cash…


True in every word, nightmare is kind of work. At first you need at least 2 trophys (hard enough) to get a better score. And then a good run, and for everything you need a lot of extras like shield and stuff. But nothing else to buy with stars once you maxed out.
I would spend all stars on better ship and all cards before you go for highscores, but I am not a real talented player in SF. I just grind until success, so far it worked, but if snotty strikes back it will take me longer and longer to get better scores. :sweat_smile:


A challenger has appeared? Well we will have to see about that


I’m more interested in trying to get all the trophies. But even with a max firerate card and using the Enforcer I still couldn’t get the 100% kills on Stage 3 Nightmare. I guess they really want me to practice with the Gladius…


The classic with the laser beam once you have all cards (or was it ships?) is my favorite. I managed to get all trophys in level 1-3 on nightmare, level 4 just the untouched missing (I got the 100% with a max firepower temporary card, hard without).


Wondering what the maximim levels on upgrades is. Is it level 5?


Depends: 5 for health, 6 main cannon, 5 wing cannons, 3 magnet, 4 missiles and 2 for all extras.


Love this game and look forward to seeing you in the tournament…

Please add me… 73 19 53 60


have long not looked into the game.
has had its time, and that was a blast.


94 52 06 39 here.