Sky Force Reloaded High Score & Tournament Competition


Has anyone managed to hold onto their chain through the entire loop yet? A few of the enemies that come from behind always manage to escape.


Why am I just finding out about this place? I haven’t installed this, but if it like the old Dondopachi apps, I’m interested…


I think my firepower is still too low to make it very far in this one. I can barely take out one of the neon snakes if I can shoot at it all the way from the top of the screen.


I’m liking this, but the content seems to be gated way too heavily by star accumulation…


Yeah, I think if I hadn’t paid for the star doubler I wouldn’t have stuck with it as a free to play game. With the doubler it feels like a decent challenge in the progression department, and that fit what I would have paid for it if it was premium. A little bummed that any purchase didn’t cancel out ads, but if that really gets to me I’ll either quit or buy the ad remover as well.


How close am I to catching up with you guys on cards?


Hardco said:
“I’m liking this, but the content seems to be gated way too heavily by star accumulation…”

but it generates a great feeling of constant progression.
exactly that pulled me in. “i will come back with a better ship and take my revenge!”

and now i’m already closing in to complete the race to the perfect ship.
i had bought the star doubler and ads removal, and did not regret a single cent.
yes, the game is more like a premium game with free to play trial/demo content.

from stage 3 (insane) onwards you can earn up to 3000 stars for a decent run.
so you will always make some progress.

now it’s time to replay all levels (again) for pushing up the highscores.
just got a new co pilot who is very promising for achieving better results.

game has great staying power and great replay value.

and the devs have announced more new levels and content.


4 cards still missing for me.
i could spend some stars on the card radar, but my shield and mega bomb need those stars too.


If you buy ads removal, do you still get the bonus resources every 3 hours?

If so, do you still have to watch an ad or do you just tap the button and get to pick a chest?


@TannerHendrickson and @Hardco, if you share your game ID with us you would receive regular (automatic) gifts from other players :wink:

stars, cards (with timer) and even ship parts.


yes, every 3 hrs you can pick a chest. no ads at all then.
you will even get notified when a gift is waiting for you.


I already see you on my friends list, but my ID is 41532651.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying playing the game, but the progression you speak of makes it difficult to gauge whether a level is actually more difficult, or whether you just need to upgrade your main gun a couple levels. For the most part it feels like the latter…

Maybe I’m just irritated that even after paying $6 you would have to still have to endure timers for upgrades to come online.


Tried putting in your ID but it says “This pilot hasn’t registered yet.”





00542757 is my ID. I’m still working on bullet avoidance with a huge hitbox (well, compared to most of the other shooters I’ve been playing) but I’m enjoying the progression. I bought the star doubler because the production value alone deserves some recognition. Also, I don’t remember how I got it, but apparently when I installed this app for the first time at release I got the Enforcer. Maybe because I had played Anniversary a bit? Working on beating 03 now that I can consistently get to the boss.


I am not sure, but seems i have run into a bug.
I cleared stage 1 (2 stars) and unlocked stage2, if I recall correctly. Later I earned a card (nr.3) and they mentioned something about getting a card in stage 2.
Now I see a card on the map above stage2. If I start stage 2 I can see the ship above the clouds, but when I toich the screen it doenst ascend to start the level. I cant return to the main menu either. Any suggestions?

EDIT reinstalling solved it.

My id 81 64 84 96

What are you playing?

Forgot to put in my ID: 50260025


My id is 31 66 86 88


What’s everyone’s preferred plane? I was a bit disappointed with the Enforcer when I got it. I’ve been using the Octopus, but is one clearly better than the other?


Yeah, I thought the Encforcer was great until I got the Octopus, but my missile level is about the same as my main cannons.