Raiders of the North Sea


@whovian223 @JMH.75 @Zebracadabra

I created a game for us. Password is SP


Hmmmmm. Time for a tourney?


I’m in.

Has everybody joined yet (I haven’t checked today, but it still wasn’t active this morning)?


I’ve made my first move so the game is underway. Not sure who is up at the moment.

Edit: @JMH.75 is up. Keep in mind that the game will remind you if you have an active turn, but if you’re just menu browsing, once the game has started it is no longer listed under “Online” games, but can be found under “Active” games.


Good game, all! This game isn’t difficult to understand at all, but I don’t even have a semblance of a strategy.


I’ll play if another one is starting up!


I’ll go again.


Sure thing!


I created a game with password sp1.


I joined and I assume the game started. It’s. It listed in online games anymore but hasn’t shown up in my active games yet (I assume until the first move is made).


I think the game just disappeared.


It’s not there waiting for me to take a turn, and obviously not waiting for you. Nor @mirefox apparently. Unless @whovian223 is being uncharacteristically slow it would appear that it did not appear.

Try again!?!


I was the 2nd player to join, and it never appeared in my games list, so it must just have disappeared.


Well…at least I didn’t lose…