Raiders of the North Sea


I think I got the invite for a 2-player game I’m currently in, so I’m not sure why this time it just dumped me in.

I’ll pay more attention next time (please no more for the time being…three is enough! :slight_smile: )


Other odd choices;

  1. not letting you look at the board state when it’s not your turn. Why?
  2. no way to speed up or skip the opponent’s turn animation (that I’ve found). I’d prefer a text log in any case.
  3. the great big pop-up on the active games screen saying “IT’S YOUR TURN DO U WANT TO TAKE YOUR TURN YOU SHOULD YOU KNOW DUDE TAKE YOUR TURN”. I paraphrase, but it’s annoying. Also, either trust the user to spot an active game or trust your UI design, or both.

If only the problem of a good MP UI had been solved at some point in the past decade (oh hi Playdek do i have a Fort Sumter turn to play cool thank you).


I feel like I haven’t taken a turn for a while in my game. @irishdomer08 it is your turn, currently.


Thanks for the prod. Lack of notifications is tough for this one. Got busy and forgot about it for a few days. My bad!


It does have notifications but they seem to be inconsistent/bugged. I got a push notification yesterday, as well as an in-game one, and when I loaded it wasn’t even my turn.


I get push notifications with no problem.

The problem is that there’s no badge, so if you open your iPad/iPhone and don’t actually take your turn, you may forget that it’s your turn.


Picked this up. Completely lost lol. I’m manual hunting now.


The tutorial was ok, but I was still confused on several things after that. Jumping into the campaign has cleared up most of them for me.

I’d be up for the next multiplayer game.


Good game, all! What is the tie breaker?

Dire Wolf Digital seems to be about 90% there. They need a slightly more robust notification system (how are sounds and badges not present?!?) buy this game certainly gives me faith for their future titles.


Highest on Valkyrie track is first tie-breaker.

Highest on Armor track is second


Looks like the latest update adds a bunch of fixes and badge icons!


Oh ffs I’ve been resigned out of the current game. Well, have fun everyone else.


what kind of timer? 24 hrs? two days? nothing to be seen.


I think it’s 2 days, from what I’ve seen (one of my 2-player opponents timed out on his game)


a strange concept that we can’t see the timer.


Anyone interested in playing???


Count me in


I’ll play!


ok, the update introduced that we can see the timer of the player who is on.
but not our own timer when it’s our turn?!


I’m up for another one!