Race for the Galaxy League


@js619 i am sure we have played our match also. Guess you have one that one because I (usually) update challonge when I win.
So, what do you suggest?


I wanted to add you as a friend @zen4one but when I enter the code nothing happens. You dont show up im my friend list. Do you still have this account?


Shoot, I don’t remember what happened here. Thought i input it but apparently I was negligent. Play another for score and call that one a friendly game?


He’s definitely playing. I’ll alert him.


the following games must still be played:

@milkolate (OHMEE) must invite ZEN4ONE
milkolate must invite @Dave (REMUS)
milkolate must invite @Zebracadabra

@js619 must invite milkolate
js619 must invite Jules
js619 must invite Hardco

@zen4one must invite @Jules
zen4one must invite js619

@Jules (JULESVH) must invite milkolate

@Hardco must invite milkolate

let’s try to finish the league.
8 days to get it done.
if a player does not send an invite the game will be counted as his forfeit then.
if a player does not accept an invite the game will be counted as his forfeit then.

please report when you have sent an invite.


Didn’t realize there were games to be played after declaring @SleepingGiant the champion… Also pretty certain @Hardco and @Jules and I played our games. Guess we didn’t report them…


yes, undisputed champion is Sleeping Giant, but a league is a league and a season is a season, so to see the final league table would be nice.
and i can officially declare the tourney as finished on challonge then.

games not reported? ouch :confounded:
any kind of remembrance about the winners at least?


Prematurely announcing the winner really took the wind out of the sails of the league. That’s why we need league playoffs!

I’ll replay one with @js619 and I’ll send an invite to @milkolate.


Sorry, for winning too quickly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I had a lot of free time this summer. Maybe we can do some sort of champions league system? Not sure how to keep it interesting and also open to all. We still have the exciting 3p tourney to finish for now…


Grats to the winners! Well done!


well, i only said what anyone could see at first glance.
and a league should always be played till the end, no matter what.

eg Bayern Munich was defacto soccer champion in german “Bundesliga” 5 matchdays before the end of the league, but games went on, of course.

but generally the idea of playoffs is a good one. like in the NFL and NBA.


Well the intent was definitely to finish the league! js619 and I definitely played a game, and it was looking like OHMEE was no-showing for most of the league.

Was that tournament format the best way that Challonge can manage round robins? As it was a bit of a mess to tell what rounds were remaining to finish.


I’ll play the remaining games, no issues with that. Next time we do a tournament we should make it clear as to who posts the scores - winner vs loser, etc…


my fault to not have emphasized a regulation.
i had just assumed the “as always” most obvious option “winner reports the score” as self-evident. sorry.


In that case, I think I’m safely in the camp of not having to report scores lol


the normal way would have been to complete one matchday before starting the next one.

but i had decided for the “play as you like” way. and that worked astonishingly well. and fast.
out of 240 games only 10 must still be played.
6 of these are games with @milkolate (OHMEE) involved.
my educated guess is that he has gone AWOL.

and the 4 remaining games might have been played but just were not reported.

this is outstanding! stately well done, SP players! kudos to all :bow: (but maybe not to OHMEE).


Yeah, he’s long gone. DQ him and mark them all as losses.


Game with @Hardco underway and invite sent to @Jules


Put me in for a loss. No time and app de-installed


Wow- great game, @Hardco. I eked out a win, 48-47. Screwed up on the last turn - I took settle settle, intending on playing two uplift worlds to take the task and finish the game, which I’d been leading most of the time thanks to the 6 point development that lowers the dev cost and gives 2 points for other 6 pointers…

Last turn and @Hardco chose explore and develop; I ended up with a 6 point dev that gives two points for each gene world. Easy peasy, I’ll play that and boost the worlds I’m about to play. Unfortunately, that development lowered my military by one TO one, making the uplift worlds unplayable and putting the game in jeopardy. Luckily I had a six cost five point alien world I played for the 1 point win. GG!

Edit - haven’t received an invite from @zen4one