Race for the Galaxy League


Good game! I forgot that you picked double explore, so I thought I was going to eke out a couple point win with the 10 development and the Alien bonus on the last turn. I was confused when I was asked to play a third world! I can’t help but feel like I could have found an extra point that last turn if I planned my discards better…


Sorry - Crazy travel schedule. Will invite today …

What’s your friend code?


No worries - 8MG76XKK


Put me in for a loss. Not playing any games at the moment.


thanks for telling us, Jules :+1:

i have reported your loss vs zen4one.
but i will award you the win in your game vs OHMEE, because he will be disqualified.

@milkolate, you will be disqualified at Sunday, 5th of November.
all pending games will be given to your opponents then.

looks like @zen4one vs @js619 will be the last running game then.
no need to hasten that one.
i will wait for the result patiently and then present the final league table and a season’s end ceremony.


It’s underway now, about halfway complete.


@zen4one took it, 34-29. A tight race in the beginning, and closer at the end than I expected. I didn’t see a 6 point development the entire game, although my cards had me aiming for the alien one; @zen4one ended up with two, landing him the win. Gg!


here we are! celebrating SP’s Premier League Champion @SleepingGiant!
presenting his trophy “Cup of the Incan Roses”.

grats to runner-up and vice champion @robthomasson too!

such a giant league tournament was a small (what? not so small!) step for each player but a (giant…oh no exaggeration plz) well done jump for the SP community. thanks to all players!

just for the records: halfvoid had to withdraw for good personal reasons.
milkolate (OHMEE) lost his 6 last games by disqualification because having gone AWOL.