Race for the Galaxy League


I’d vote for three-player tables.

I won’t argue which version is more “pure,” but the three-player game does play totally differently. In many ways, I prefer it.

I’d add only that we’d need a commitment for everyone to make at least two moves per day. Games drag so badly when one player checks out for awhile.


we have that Three-Way-Galactic-Master Challenge thread running, and it seems like not many contenders want to play.
in fact no challengers in the waiting line at all.

so how could we play a three-player tourney?


It could be the ladder format itself that people aren’t interested in. I find them pretty dull myself – too much waiting around.


good argument. might be the reason.


Zebra 47 > @KYakerDude 42

Gg! …But this was rather strange since Kyaker finished his board and I was short three slots at the end. The difference was Uplift and Rebels ftw, I guess.

I’ve established my mediocrity well, haven’t I? I’m now 5-5.


I second (or third) the motion. I think the game plays well three player and it’s worth a shot, no?


I also vote for 3 player tournament


I have an idea that I think would work and would cut down on the usual downtime with larger games.

I’m jammed up with work right now, but I can post a sign-up thread on Tuesday morning.


Zebra 27> @hardco 25
Kinda make a you think neither of us really wanted the win. As close as it appears. Both of us got the 6 variable dev bonus at the same time! Gg!


I’ll admit, I was saddened to hear that the league was decided before finishing my games, but in this case I had a great plan of dropping the development to let me play my 3 military Alien world as non-military and snagging the 4 different worlds bonus on the last round. Unfortunately, I missed the “doesn’t work on Alien worlds” part, and ended up just twiddling my thumbs instead. I’m pretty sure almost any combination of actions would have been better than what I did on the last turn. Close game though!


Still do not have friend codes for @milkolate and @js619. Maybe you guys should invite me? Those are my last two league games (still playing @geigerm and @Jules).

My code is YKMPWCJJ


Zebra 52 > @geigerm 30

Not exactly sure why I kept on pulling away, but 18 vps from Military certainly helped. Also 9 with Galactic Federation. Gg, Mike.


Epic match with @Jules to finish my league games. I was rather fortunate as I had not realised that the VP pool was going to run out. I did have a high-scoring development waiting to be deployed and it would have gutting to have lost with that still on the bench.

@Jules worked his plan well … hitting the goals and VPs hard … and was as close to winning as is possible …


@js619 didn’t we play the Challonge match for the league already? I created a game in case we did not.


Thought so, but I have no idea what the score was lol…


:see_no_evil: :bow:


Zebra 40 > @Jules 38

Aliens come through for 8 (5+3 bonus) on the final turn! Gg!

A winning record! wOOt!


Neither do I. Any suggestions? Report a tie at 300 points Each? That would raise some eyebrows…

Feel free to accept or reject the game I created. We can always report a tie.


Accepted, we can always let this one stand for reporting purposes…


Finally! We both thought we had played played before but neither of us could remember who won. So, we played again.

Zebra 40 > @js619 32