Race for the Galaxy League

who would like to play in a league on challonge.com?
depending on the number of players we could play a big league or two preliminary leagues, with first two players in each qualifying for the semifinals.
all games will be played with 2-P Experienced/both expansions/goals/no takeovers setting, except when both players don’t want to play with expansions or when both don’t own the expansions.
because only the player who sends the invitation needs to own the expansions it’s no problem under these rulings when players want to participate without buying the expansions.

i’m ready to rumble.

Sign me up!
KYakerDude on Challonge.


I’m in. geigerm in Challonge, friend code RXMKAWWW.

In. Friend code BX1K7LFF, challonge JMH75

Count me in! JS619 on challonge too…

I would like to be in also. CUF9WPCC

IGN: OhMee
Friend Code: 5GFFN5ZZ
Challinge: milkolate

Got all expansions

Alright… SY4HDVRR.

Off course:
JulesvH @ Challonge

Why not…
Sleeping_Giant on challonge

In for the win.

My work is blocking my WiFi right now, so I’ll paste my code in once I get home.

Edit: It’s SIQF4Z77

wow! already 12 contestants found in no time :open_mouth:

and i know some more players who have just bought the game and are struggling to get to grips with it,

so i think i will start the competition on next Saturday, July 22nd.

one BIG league with 12 players would be still ok.
let’s see how many more interested Galactic Racers will subscribe.

@jason1002, same ID on Challonge?

I have no idea.

oops. so it’s possible that you are not yet registered on Challonge?
then please do so. totally unobtrusive. i never got any spam.
i will send the invites by Challonge, and players should report match results on Challonge.

Totes in for a league. This seems to be the only game I feasibly have time to play regularly right now.

halfvoid on everything.

friend code on RftG: EJ6MCVTT

Count me in, “remus” on Challonge CQESQDKK

Alright I am Jason1003 on Challonge

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the league will start tomorrow. time for a round up.
14 players have subscribed.

what do you think? going for the ultimate Premier League?
i would like to dare it.

players who own both expansions should send all invites with setting:
2-P Experienced/NW+GS+RvI/goals/no takeovers/no RvI scenario.
no start player, no problem.

when one of the players owns Gathering Storm and the other player owns no expansion, the GS owner has to send the invite with setting:
2-P Experienced/NW+GS/goals.

when both players don’t own any expansion, then go with setting:
2-P Experienced/NW.

please take notes or screenshots of the match scores and report the scores on challonge. points difference will serve as tiebreaker.

another question is: complete a round/matchday before going on to next?
or freestyle?
freestyle would allow parallel running games and better overall flexibility, so i’d prefer that.
eg when a player is on vacation or on travels, it won’t hurt that much in freestyle. just better start no game then, because of the 7-days timer.

league starts on Saturday, 22nd.
last minute entries still possible.

tournament link:
Stalely Play"s Race for the Galaxy Premier League


I have only played the Easy AI at RftG. What could possibly go wrong?

Challonge: robthomasson