Race for the Galaxy League


My surgery yesterday went well but I’ve been in tremendous pain, which I do not expect to subside for several days. I’ve told other buddies that my moves will be late or nonexistent for now. Please do not invite me to any new league games. If it gets to the point I am holding up play for too long, I’ll be fine with a decision that I must forfeit.

For now, I just can’t think straight.

For those who need to know, I had a spinal cord stimulator put into place yesterday. Paddle leads go up the spinal cord and a transmitter is placed somewhere above the left buttock. There are a bunch of staples involved and the Doc will not allow the damned Stim to be turned on for about ten days. When on, the Stim takes away almost all of the back pain. If you have back problems and injections do not do the trick and you want to avoid a dangerous back operation, this is way to go. I just wish they had told me I would not be able to turn the damn thing on for so long!


Holy moly, I’m glad the surgery went well and you will be constantly improving. I only slept about an hour last night on my health condition, but your bravery inspires me to carry on. I ended up listening to a bunch of podcasts, really like the top-rated Game of Thrones one if you are a fan of the show.


i just wanted to honor the many hard fought close battles, by not giving away too many “free” score points for timeout wins.

i think there is no perfect solution anyway.
but i understand your argument. it’s not about the difference but the amount.

so i change the default score for timeouts to 30-28.
i will edit all reported timeout scores accordingly.

btw i’m a bit worried about @milkolate’s (ohmee) second timeout.
this could turn out as the first tourney dropout.


Yikes! I missed that! Hope you are okay.


This was a fun way to end my (not very good) participation in the event. How about a nice 67-63 slugfest to get your heart racing?

Note the huge 6-cost development that wasn’t played … and I’ll add that I purposefully discarded another 12-point card the turn before after realizing I’d come up one short of being able to pay for it.

It was sort of ridiculous. The whole game was just big card after big card. I played 14 cards, and 13 of them (!!) had some sort of direct military effect.

Sorry, @jason1002 … that’s the sort of game no one should have to lose.


Yes, I was amazed at the cards you were getting. I kept looking in your row to see all the points. It was a good game, though. I tried.



Wow … losing with a score of 63 must warrant some kind of perverse achievement. You got 46 in our game which would have been enough to win most of my other games. Sadly there is no prize for high-scoring-but-not-winning …


I’ve had a timeout with my game also. It seems he would play once every several days.


ouch. that’s not enough of course.


Sorry guys. Wound up far too busy at work. I’m going to have to forfeit all the rest of my matches.


Sorry to hear that. Our match was almost finished and you looked like you were in a good position to win. I wondered why you didn’t finish me off.


Yeah, being the first wave of QA Engineers at a burgeoning tech start-up has it’s merits, but I usually end up on fire once or twice a year.


Surgery was on the 6th. Hopefully, the staples will be removed tomorrow 8/15). If so, I should be able to start playing again. If they’re not removed tomorrow, it’ll be Friday. I have another tournament as well, I just had no idea I’d be in so much pain that focusing on games was impossible.

Sorry for any delay and if it’s decided I need to forfeit any remaining matches, I’m really okay with that.

I was just invited by @jason1002 but I won’t accept until the staples are out. Please, no other invites just yet. If all goes well tomorrow, I’ll post to the thread.


Good luck with the staples removal. Get better soon.


Saw Dr today. Staples removed, implanted spinal cord stimulator finally working. I’m ready to play the remaining matches. (No excuses now, so I can’t whine if I lose)



with robthomasson’s loss vs Hardco the 1st Stately Play’s Premier League Championship is officially decided.

Sleeping Giant is the 1st SP RftG Champion! :trophy:

coming in with an impressive 13-2 score which no one can’t tie nor beat.

kudos to all players for playing such a big league in such a short time.
let’s wait for the rest of the game results to decide on Vice Champion and standings.


I will be a kind and just defender of the galaxy, from the poor Doomed Worlds to the Lost Alien Battleships. A rule of law, for all, united by a common cause to help one another make the best of life, and never to act in hate against any of our fellow souls.


that statement qualifies you for the honorary title Gentle Giant.

(a long forgotten (?) great Scottish progressive art rockband. i’m still owning GG vinyl albums)


Glad the galaxy is in such good hands… now get the Hades galaxy under control too!


it feels so empty without some running RftG games :worried:
what comes next?
a ladder challenge like Dave Perkins aka ananabtilps just introduced for Qt3?
with multiple challenges going on along the whole ladder?
or a double elimination tourney?
or 2-stage-tourney with preliminary group roundrobins, first places qualifying for elimination playoffs?