Race for the Galaxy League


Look out below! Imma dropping fast.


does anybody remember the good ol’ times of PT vs Qt3 rumbles?
we had a Disc Drivin’ contest, which we lost in a most embarrassing way.
three of us qualified for the final vs only one Qt3’ler, and were not able to stop that guy :confounded: :bow:

but we won the great Star Realms clash most gloriously.

i’m just thinking RftG might be the game to start a new era of SP vs Qt3 rumbles. i know they are very engaged in RftG, playing one event after the other.
should we dare to throw the feud glove? when the league will be over.
what do you think?

we could use the league results as qualifier for the SP team or start a new one.


To be fair, he was pretty good at Disc Drivin’…


…and it was sooo damn close.



That was a really really good game @JMH.75, I’m not going to lose sleep over losing with 61 points :slight_smile:


It was really tense till the very end @SleepingGiant. Only in the end screen I did know for sure (with only 2 points). Every consume action did hurt me badly, even as that last 6-points development of yours :slight_smile: Very good game!


Heads up: I’m having surgery on Monday and may be slow to take moves for a few days.

I apologize for not reporting on my games to date. The wins vs. @TheDukester, @halfvoid and @zen4one we’re all close and could have gone either way. The loss vs. @JMH.75 was the biggest spread, 14 pts., and probably showed my true colors. Gg, all! Entertaining and would have been even if all were a loss. Excellent game, kudos to Mr. Lehman.



@milkolate timed out in our game … I did not even get to see the latest score … from memory there was still enough play left for either of us to have had winning points up our sleeves.

How should I record this game?


I have a similar story:

@halfvoid just timed out in our game … and then I pressed “Done” before I fully understood what was going on. So the game is lost to the mists of time.

However, it was a beatdown. The winner, for sure, would have been @halfvoid — it’s not like I had some miracle card waiting to save me.

So, @JammaTal, I will leave the final verdict to you. But I would be comfortable with taking the loss in this one.


I hope you recover soon @Zebracadabra


Take the victory there. That was entirely my fault for neglecting my RftG games over the last week.


55-51 over my best web buddy, @JammaTal. Mike was ahead for a very long time and I was pretty sure he would win, but Terraforming Guild unexpectedly turned into a 14-pt monster, was able to place two worlds per turn and then at the end, somehow snared Prospecting Guild for another 13! Shows you that there is always hope. By far, Lehman’s best game. The next time he offers to help with one of mine (I turned him down once), I’m definitely saying yes! :grinning:


sad to hear that games timed out, but i guess it’s part of the story.

as even Dave Perkins from Qt3 had never noticed where to see the timer in RftG, let me tell it again:
you can go to menu and will see “remaining time” just above the “resume” button.

a timeout is a timeout is a timeout. so always a win, no matter what.
but how to handle it for scoring points?
i have searched through BGG threads and it seems that the average victory margin in 2P games is about 12.9 points.
but taking a look at our league results i see many close games. a win by timeout should not bring along a too big score “reward”.
so i have decided that a timeout will be scored as 20-18. [edit: has been raised to 30-28]
if a player should totally drop out of the league, all his remaining games
will be scored as 18-20 [28-30 now] losses too.

any objections?


I think having a default score for a timeout is a good idea. I’m just wondering if 20-18 is the right score. It seems like the average game score for the winner is higher than 20 (40-60 using a cursory guestimate of what I see on Challonge). Is the player who didn’t timeout be at a disadvantage by only getting a score of 20?


30-20 timeout rule? Actually why even worry about this, if it comes down to ties in standing should we just have playoffs?


@robthomasson Gg, you dirty rat! I was worried about a big development score…and you delivered.


I don’t think we’ll have that many ties. By the time everyone plays 15 games, there should be some natural spreading out of the records.


Blink luck for the win!

That development fell into my lap near the end. I don’t know the cards so well that I was deliberately playing for it. I was feeling quite relaxed early on as my score mounted but then your plan came together and I was expecting to end up 4/5 points behind until the dawn of that development. I thought you might still pip me at the post but I guess your last draws did not help. GG indeed!


@milkolate just timed out our game. I don’t remember but I think we were only in the first half of the game…