Race for the Galaxy League


Last place! Woo hoo!


GG @zen4one, was much closer than the final score looks. We were tied at 37 at the start of the final round, then I went off like LeBron James for 32 more.


and then you started the afterburner, rocketeering from last to first place by 3 wins in a row :sunglasses:


@SleepingGiant - thanks! First game I’ve played since the F2F boardgame 10 years ago so a little rusty! :joy: I wasn’t watching the logs - what were your plays the last turn that slammed the door?


So… just updated to the iPad Pro… and apparently lost all of my games. Anyone experienced this? Obviously they’re linked to the device, but I have no idea how to get them back. I’ll defer to the League regarding the games I had going…

Edit: issue solved


Congrats on your new iPad Pro! I think all you have to do is open RftG on the old iPad, click ‘play online’, click ‘device link’, then generate code. Then on the new iPad, play online -> device link -> use code and cross your fingers.

I’ll test it right now on my other device since my only in-progress game is with you…



If you still have your “old” iPad then maybe (probably?) you can Device Link with your iPad Pro (and play on your iPad Pro with your original profile). You do that from your the RftG Online menu on your old iPad … get a code to input on your iPad Pro. I linked my IPad & iPhone without issue.

I need to know how our game plays out …


Were that my old iPad was still registered to me… and not the wife. I should’ve ensured that everything had transferred over, but it didn’t occur to me that the info would be stored locally.

@robthomasson - I know! I think it was a one point difference last I saw…


I see what you mean. In that case maybe an email to the devs asking them to merge your 2 friend codes might be the only hope.



Dang! My latest view is 35-34. The next turn would have finished the game and been good for me … but it could have been good for you as well …

I still back up my iPad on a PC via iTunes. Feels archaic but I do hope/believe that it preserves such things as app local info. Not that I plan to test that out any time soon.

Edit: I see the suggestion from @SleepingGiant. Worth a try. If you can’t reach them let me know and I can get a direct message to one of the developers.


Could you? I don’t see anywhere in app to send an email… and if someone had my old friend code, that’d be great too lol




I am getting a response. I am assuming that RftG is gone from your old iPad … yes?

Edit: Have sent a direct message asking for your email address. Will continue the to and fro there …


Correct, old iPad is already under my wife’s ID… sent a message back, thanks for handling this for me…


No problem.

All: I did ask and apparently the info@templegatesgames.com address is the official way to reach them. I had seen that address but thought it was the PR conduit.

js619: I also asked that, if they can get you connected to your games, can they then add 4 VPs to my score in our game … but they claim that cannot be done. Up until that point I had been quite impressed with the response. Ah well, let’s see if they can at least reunite you and your games …


And I’m back! H/t to @SleepingGiant for suggestions and @robthomasson for reaching out to the devs!


Just for the record … our thanks (unless I lose my match against js619) … go to Jeff Gates at Temple Gates Games.


GG! @robthomasson got me with a 6 point development at the end! Karma for the help with the device linking :wink:


@js619 I’ve got to cancel that game and resend an invite. I thought the expansions were selected, but they weren’t.


No worries - think we’re up and running in the new one… although given my luck / lack of skill lately, it should be an easy win for you!