Race for the Galaxy League


Why not! :grinning:


15 entries = 3 divisions?
16 entries = 4 divisions?

Or just one league???


i would like to dare what has never been done before: ONE ultimate Premier League.


Zen4one H8TQ8DUU


ok, i have shuffled the seeds (not really important in freestyle mode) and will push the start button now.

have fun!
this will be awesome…i hope.

tourney link:
Stately Play’s Race for the Galaxy Premier League


JammaTal, I am jason1003 on Challonge because jason1002 was already taken. I see on the brackets that you have invited the wrong person.


oops! my fault. will try to correct it now.
could edit the entry.
you should get an email invite.


all players who don’t own both expansions should post here if they own only Gathering Storm or no expansion.

so other players not owning both expansions will know to whom they can send invites.
generally players owning both expansions should take the initiative and start sending invites :grimacing:

when a player is on vacation or too busy, he should better not accept an invite right now or decline it.
the league will go on for some time anyway. no stress please.


At this moment, I have active games with at least two opponents … but it shouldn’t be that hard to tell them apart from tournament games.

If necessary, I’ll make a quick note on what my Start Worlds are/were for both the old and new (tournament) games.


W00t :tokyo_tower::rocket:

Totally, and I think it’s better if someone just declines for the moment if they know they will be unavailable, then the inviter can move on to the next invites and come back to them, or get invited by them, later.

I sent off invites to my round 1 and 2 friendly alien competitors and two at once is about all I want to have open.

Also @JammaTal you seem to be on my friend list twice with two different profile pics. Doubly friendly!


this is my only valid profile now. have deleted the other.
you should delete the other too.
invites for the old profile won’t reach me anyway.

yes, 2 running games at a time is what seems nice for me too.


Hi Duke, no need to hurry. you can finish all running games before starting league games.
i think the league will be a longterm event.
but of course you can try to play your games as fast as you like and can.
but might be a long wait then till all other players’ games are done.


[Warning - Digression]

When I set my profile name I was limited to 10 characters. This limit was also found by others including our host JammaTal. I just checked and the limit is still in force for me.

And yet, forsooth, in my friends list, I see … “Zebracadabra”, “TheDukester”, “Neumannium” … all of whom go above and beyond 10 characters.

What is this magic? Is there a secret expansion? Do Americans get bonus characters?

I remembered that I could reach one of the developers through another forum and he said that the profile names have both a character limit and a width limit. Without going into details of the exhaustive testing that has taken place in Hamburg … it must be that those limits can be applied in the wrong order or (to get technical) sometimes just trip over each other. Whatever … we in Europe can now rest easy and know that our apparent character shortage is not a consequence of inter-continental one-upmanship. Phew!


I ran into that oddness, too … and the second time, the game wouldn’t let me use “TheDukester”.

I’m just glad I’ve got my preferred ID from way back in the beta. And that the game seems okay that I keep using it.


yeah, stick to it. it’s really special.


Wait, how do you copy over your longer screen name from the beta? I still have it in TestFlight… you just keep using your original friend code from the beta? Or link devices to it somehow?

I STFW and I think it might work but I’m going to wait until I have no active league games just in case…


i got a notification for an invitation, but can’t see it ingame.
this happens when someone uses my old code, linked to my deleted profile.

so please delete my profile and copy & paste this new code: 4G68I3YY

but itm i’m involved in 5 running games and won’t accept invites until some of these games will be finished.


Had a good play with @TheDukester. Unfortunately for him, I did win :slight_smile:


had a very close nailbiter game with Sleeping Giant. only 4 pts difference is virtually nothing.


Great game against @TheDukester! 48 to 42.

We were both choosing consume with double points the last few turns, but I managed to generate a few more points to eek out the win. He was outscoring me the whole game, especially with the goals. I got some great 6-point development cards at the very end, but couldn’t get them into play.

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