Potion Explosion 1:1 Tournament - looking for players

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It is time to setup a one on one Potion Explosion tournament. Dave Seidner won the first multiplayer Potion Explosion Tournament, setup by the Tournament Master JammaTal. This is my first tournament, so hopefully everything will go well.

Since PE can be a fast two player game I’m thinking we should play multiple games. Maybe a round robin to set rankings for the tournament. Maybe 2 out of 3 with double elimination. Any advise would be appreciated.

Post with your Asmodee and Challonge ID if you are interested in playing.

JHTaube on Asmodee and Challonge, up for the tournament.

Whovian223 in both places

Asmodee: john_1325
Challonge: john1325

IN. Strangely enough, I am Zebracadabra.

yeah! great!
JammaTal on Asmodee and Challonge.

I’m in! AtticusJr on Asmodee

Oops. And AtticusJr on Challonge as well.

Definitely In! zen4one on both …

We have eight players which is a great number for a tournament! So lets get started.

We will start with two groups of four in a round robin, best 2 out of 3 games for each match. After the round robin will be a single elimination tournament, also best 2 out of 3 games. The round robin results will determine the ranking for the tournament, and everyone will advance.

Delete this:
The first and third games will be started by the first listed person in the matches, the second game will be started by the second listed person in the match.

Also, make the games 14 day games just so there are not any time-outs.

Anyone can start a game. I thought the invitee always went second. Turns out that is not true.

Try to make two turns a day. Now that there are good notifications from PE this should be much easier. Play as many or as few games as you are comfortable. I’ll probably stick to two.

The Challonge link is: http://challonge.com/PE11StatelyPlay

Good luck everyone! Have fun!


Invites sent to @JHTaube @KYakerDude and @zen4one

Good luck!

I’m not sure I need to say this, but just to be clear, ties don’t count. Have the next player setup the next game.

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i have fumbled reporting wins on challonge.
AtticusJr’s 2-0 win is final of course (grats Bill! amazing scores!), but matches vs zebracadabra (0-1) and whovian (1-0) are still in progress.
i will update the results when the best-of-3 matches will be done.

How do I change the opponent when reporting scores? It now says I’m playing Whovian, but we haven’t started yet. Trying to report the results of my match with Jamma, but don’t see to do that.

(GGs, Michael!)

you can change from “standings” to “matches” to report scores for all matches.
i have already reported your 2-0 win in our match, Bill :blush:

let me add Bill’s great scores in the matches: 81-58 and 75-50 :clap:

@zen4one, awaiting your challenge for the Potions Tournament.

Joe, you can send an invite as well.

Group A in the round robin has been completed. Yours truly came out on top based on number of points, but really @JHTaube beat me in a four match series. Our first game was a tie, so after three more games and the debris from the explosions settled, Joe ended up on top.

Looks like Group B is coming along. In fact, @JammaTal is finished with all his games. How is it going @AtticusJr, @Zebracadabra, and @whovian223?

@KYakerDude, @zen4one beat me 2 matches to 1, but I only have the scores recorded for my win (entered into challonge). Do you need the points for each match?

I’m getting close to reporting both of my matches… I’m in the third game for each opponent.