Potion Explosion 1:1 Tournament - looking for players

Absolutely not! You will probably come out on top then! :grinning:

They may affect the starting positions in the tournament. So, you could enter them to put you in the proper place in the standings. However the first factor is really the number of matches won. Also, it doesn’t look like the Group B players have entered their score this way. It is up to you.

Ok. If points are totaled properly then it’s virtually certain that Zen4One would surpass my total as I’m only ahead by 15 points and I doubt are margins were within that range.
[edit] just put in placeholder estimates.

no points totals, just plain simple best-of-3 matches, right?
first player to win 2 matches is the total winner of the PvP battle.
i doubt that many players even know their total scores in all those matches.
me not.
what about “set wins”? used as tie breaker?


When I setup the tournament, I didn’t even know you could report game scores. It is nice to do here, but really not important. The idea of the round robin was to roughly put people into the correct standing locations for the elimination tournament.

Since this is the first tournament I’ve set up, I’m making mistakes and learning.

Bill (@AtticusJr) and I are 1-1-1 and I just issued an invite for the next game.

I won the first game vs. @whovian223 and am about to issue the next invite.

So… what now? Will the Challonge page tell us who we play next?

The elimination tournament has started! Best 2 out of 3 games. You don’t need to report scores.


Sorry I didn’t start it earlier, I was on vacation (kayaking).

@JHTaube. Joe, please open our game and tell me if you see anything strange.

Resume screen shows a 0-0 score despite our progress. Then the game screen appears normal, 32-22 score and your turn.

Wait! Didn’t you already take your next turn?! At one point, I opened the game You had 50(!!!) and it was obvious you had taken your next turn. I was bemoaning your lead and trying desperately to think of how to come back, closed up the app and the next time I opened it, we were back to BEFORE your move to get to 50. This has happened to me before.

Please check again.

It’s happened to me too. Checked again. Both devices show the same result. Hung game?

@JHTaube I took my next turn, trying to replicate what I had done before. It’s not hung, I just think there is a bug somewhere. I believe you have the advantage and I took a pic just to memorialize. If you’d rather start again from scratch, I’m okay with that, but again, I think you have the edge here.

Apparently the image has been cropped. Anyway, 32-30 your favor. I don’t know why the score is different either. I think I took the same move but cannot be 100% sure!

Just realized you said “both devices.” That could be the root of the Issue. Maybe just use one device?

@JHTaube Okay, so now the other turn is up there and you’re up 50-30 but even more confusing is I checked and saw no way you could reach 50 with what you had from the game I was viewing. I don’t even understand how you got another award, which seemed impossible from what I saw.

And now, the same thing has happened in a game between @JammaTal and @zen4one, who was also using two devices,

I’ll play this one out if you wish, or discard and play another instead. Your call. And it looks like I now hold the advantage, even though I’m behind a bit.

Pleas use one device only from now on.

What a shame. PE is a fun game but this really kills it. I’m wondering now if my first game win was only as a result of you getting screwed by this bug. It’s not likely that they’ll fix this bug either.

in our game it was zen4one’s very last move (end of game already triggered).
it was a tough do-it-or-die puzzle task for zen4one, but PE has totally ruined all the excitement.

and we were thrown back in time for 4-5 turns, when no single 4-point bonus had been taken yet!

this… is… ridiculous!

i did not feel like wanting to play it again and stepped back.
so our match stays a one game happening with zen4one advancing into semifinal.

It’s happened again. It was 30-50 vs. @JHTaube. I took my turn and it was 47-50 and I might even have had an advantage since he could not complete another award but I might. And then…AGAIN it is 30-50.

I don’t know that I want to continue. This is ridiculous.

Wow. The points added up to 50 as I progressed through the game and the second award came from gaining a 5th type of potion. But, looking at the current scoreboard - I would need to average 6.25 points per potion filled to have 50. Seems reasonable. Clearly there’s a major bug causing games to regress; and also one altering the viewed game info if you saw that I couldn’t reach that point total.
From now on I’ll just use the iPad.

Sigh…this will be my third (seriously!) attempt at a move when 30-50. If somehow, the game is truly bugged and we yet again return to this point, I’d rather just slink away without playing anymore. This is very frustrating. I’d gladly forfeit.

I’ll try my move a bit later, can’t right now.

2-0 win against @KYakerDude though both games were very close (I don’t remember the first one exactly, though).

Great games!

Invite sent to @zen4one

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You are too kind. You pulled ahead in both games and I just couldn’t quite keep up. Good luck.