Any interest for a Potion Explosion tournament?

Yep. Just accepted it a few minutes ago.

Sorry for the delay!

no problem! i’m just very glad that all players could see the invite.
what a progress!
so Asmodee got it done at last.

and we have a new fast, accessible and appealing tourney game!
maybe next time with 16 players and group stage?

Table 1 complete. I won that one.

and it was really a tie for 2nd place?
then KYakerDude and zen4one must play a tiebreaker 2P game.
does not matter who sends the invite.

Next time, I’ll be sure grab a screenshot. But yes, as I recall they tied for second place with 41 points each. Can anyone else from table 1 confirm?

I can confirm the tie. I’ve got a screenshot, but it’s a pain to post because I have to resize it.

I’ll setup the game.

i think PE is a great 2P game indeed, maybe even at its best as 2P.
in a 4P game we can only try to influence the board for next player’s turn.
most things happen out of our reach, and when it’s our next turn it will be quite another board.
in 2P the board will be the same in big parts in our next turn.
and both players have to make the best of the board for themselves and to try to make it harder for the opponent to get what he needs.

in other words i can’t wait for a roundrobin PE League or at least for a tourney with group stage :grin:

I agree. I would much rather play this as a two or even three person game.

Looking forward to a roundrobin head to head tournament.

How about a “Wizard of Potion Explosion” Challenge like the “Crown of Cthulhu” Challenge? (Maybe you can think of a better name.)

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charming idea!
i will install that challenge thread very soon :blush:


table 2 just finished:
Jamma 63
AtticusJr 58
JHTaube 47
whovian223 44

so Dave Seidner, AtticusJr and Jam-me can take our comfortable seats at the final table and wait for the winner of the tie-break match @KYakerDude vs @zen4one.

We just finished. Nice game @zen4one! I ended up on top.

oki doki, grats on the win KYakerDude!

player sequence is randomized at game start, so i can send the invites now.

potions were randomized too. i did not even take a look, so i will be surprised too.
btw what are your personal preferences?
i dislike the stealing potion and love the Sands of Time.

congratulations, @Dave!
a very close and good final!


Thanks @JammaTal! That was great fun!

must have been one of the shortest tourneys :smile:
PE a great tourney game.

I’m up for another PE…

1on1 roundrobin league or MP tables just like the 1st championship?

Round robin might take forever, no?

That’s ok. It will be a good reason to play. Plus, I like the 1 on 1 play better.

2P games are very fast, i must say.
in the challenge thread 5 games were finished in no time.