Patchwork Tournament - Jan/18


Oops, just made my move. Thx


Whovian223 over @Ids 8-6 in a really tight game. I had no idea who was going to win.

Not so in my game with @SpiceTheCat, where he demolished me 29 to -19

Great games!


JaneHatke (25) over @JS619 (8)
Good game!


Irishdomer08 (23) over JaneHatke (16)



@KYakerDude I sent you a friend request so we can start our game … figured I’d post that here since the app doesn’t notify you about friend requests.


Nice game, @geigerm!

Mauled me, 28 to -13


Any time you are ready.


@irishdomer08 GG! Close one, but you were just a little more efficient I think. Does only the first person to get 7x7 get that bonus? I thought both players could get it.



Only 1 person can get the bonus.

For the record, irishdomer 26 - kennfusion 14


Ahhh, ok I did not realize that. Still learning the game, but really like it.


Myself over @kennfusion, 23 to 6, to make me 3 and 3 and advance to the next round (according to Challonge at least)… GG all!


So I did not do very well overall, but had fun. I like that game.

Group B is complete and waiting on Group A. It appears that it is mostly @Ids games that we are waiting on. I assume those are all in progress?


Yes, my game with IDS is in progress


Hardco (37) over @Ids (6)

I got a better economy going early without sacrificing too many good pieces. I forced a 6 point pass, and filled up my board early, passing for the last few rounds. Good game!


Great game , my only game left ( i think) is to play Spice the Cat , i have sent a friend request to start a game.


Might be worth giving them a wee nudge like this @SpiceTheCat



Oops. Ok, accepted @Ids‘s request. Good to go…

Edit: hm, or not. Sent a friend request, hope that works.


hardco (26) over @SpiceTheCat (23)

Super tight game, with SpiceTheCat getting most of the “best” pieces and the 7x7 bonus. All I could do from the start was try to keep ahead on income and hope it would be enough in the end. Good game!


And finally, @SpiceTheCat 13 @Ids 10

Excellent close game, @Ids grabbed the 7x7 bonus one turn ahead of me, and the lead changed hands more or less every go until the end. Gg :blush:


Does challonge spit out the knock out stage on its own, or does @kennfusion need to press a button