Patchwork Tournament - Jan/18


Sorry, was busy this weekend, forgot to check if all th games were done.

OK, you all are on to your final state. Good Luck all.


Good luck everyone. It’s a single game elimination, right (not best of 3)?


Yeah, supposed to be single game elimination. I think I set it up right like that. I just checked the settings and it is not clear. I think it is just what we say it is.


it’s up there.


Me 31 @johnl -11. One of those games where hole-filling pieces and button-giving pieces arrived at the right times, despite a messy start. Gg.


GG @geigerm, you played a strong game and the score belied the pressure you put me under.

Looks like it’s me and you @SpiceTheCat, Ive sent you a friends request but I don’t think it matters who starts the game if shuffle mode is on


@Snotty128 GG and congrats on the win!


Accepted and started the game. Good luck!


Semi-final done: SpiceTheCat 42 @Snotty128 2.

And on to the final, where, oh no, it’s @KYakerDude against whom I have a poor W-L record. Well, maybe it’ll be different this time :wink:

Game started, good luck!


I was all at sea for that game. I knew I was in deep trouble when my fall back tactic became ‘hope spicethecat fills up his board so he doesn’t have space for new pieces’ :joy:

I’ll send an invite to @JammaTal for the bronze place final


The game swung hard against you early on, I admit. Good game, good luck vs JT.

The final game vs @KYakerDude is ludicrously cagey at the moment: past the second Button and we’ve placed all of 3 pieces in total. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


a worthy Bronze match (24-15) with all what Patchwork has to offer.
only 2 and 4 spots left and an epic struggle for the 7x7 bonus.
GG Snotty!

many thanks to @kennfusion for organizing the tourney!

(Kenn, will you return to GoW? we miss you. guild of 30 again.
i think we should stop enforcing guild war duties on new members. feels better to have a full guild instead.
if at all we should kick only 1 or 2 totally inactive soldiers in 2 weeks.
what do you think?)


GG dude, well played. Whichever way I cut it at the end I couldn’t stop you getting the kind of piece you needed to fill out your quilt.

Thanks for organising this Kenn!


in our group stage match you stomped over me with 27/-8 :upside_down:
that’s Patchwork. sometimes all pieces just fall into places :smirk:
sometimes not.


The cagey game has ended. Despite me stupidly changing my mind in the middle of a move and picking the exactly wrong piece (good for you for taking full advantage of it), I ended up on top. I think it was my overwhelming button income advantage of 18 to 9. Spice earned the 7x7 bonus which is a huge boon.

The score shows just how close it was:
KYakerDude 17
@SpiceTheCat 16


Congrats to @KYakerDude on Winning the Patchwork Tournament! Damn that was close!


Excellent game, thank you. I didn’t get my button economy quite going but hoped the bonus and better coverage would make up for it, and came so nesr. Close game, definitely final-worthy.

Also thank you to @kennfusion for organising the tournament👍


Thanks for organizing. I really like this little game.


grats on the win, Kyaker!

btw we can take a piece, play around with it and then put it back to the line if we want to check out another one. just by pressing the RED X.

great feature :+1: