Patchwork Tournament - Jan/18


Yeah, that was a really close game too. That 2nd piece I put out in the middle was an accident, and had to work around it. I need to watch my stitching! :slight_smile:


Whoa, I actually won a game, and a very close one. GG @Snotty128


GG Kenn. I thought I had that one in the bag after getting the 7x7 and having a stronger economy, but you had left just the right spaces for the patches left on the board. Well played


GG @js619 your 18 was a great score but not quite enough. I had to do some serious jiggery pokery on my last move to force you to pass, otherwise the score would have been even closer.


@KYakerDude over @whovian223 33-7

Totally steamrolled me and almost completed the quilt!

Nice game


Very close one, gg!


Nice game. I thought you were going to be way ahead during the beginning of the game. I messed up with an early placement of a piece, but it ended up well. I don’t think I have ever had such a full quilt before.


GG @JaneHatke. I was willing to bully you all the way to the end by passing, so you couldn’t get the 7 button, 1 move piece and fill up your blanket. I’m not sure if there was a way out for you at that point.


@Snotty128, well played game. Congrats on your win!


@geigerm beat me 13 to 13. I ended up with more buttons but he had the 7 x 7 bonus. The computer decided it was a win for him. Good game!


I looked up the tiebreaker rule, and I apparently won because I made it to the center square first. Great game!


Ah, the center square. You must mean the center square of the timer board, and not where we put all our patches.




@Ids 22
geigerm 19

Great game! I finished with only 2 holes in my quilt, but Ian earned more buttons and won the race to the 7x7 bonus.


@Ids and @geigerm I have friend requests sent to you but you’re not showing up in my list of opponents.

I think you need to accept the request first?

I’m not sure.

If I’m missing something, you could just set up the game and invite me. :slight_smile:


@whovian223 I ended up just inviting you—I didn’t see a friend invite. I may have deleted it by accident …


Hi Who , i have set up a challenge , cheers Ian


hello @js619, i have sent you a friend request in Patchwork for being able to create our tourney game.


Just accepted it!


@irishdomer08 You seem to have timed out in our game.