Patchwork Tournament - Jan/18

I only got into this game from the Decathlon and really like it. I would be happy to organize a tournament on Challonge if anyone is interested. I was thinking Swiss style to start. If we have at least 12, probably Swiss into Single Elim.


We have more than enough. I will keep this open for sign-ups for a few days and send out the Challonge Link on Sunday.

Challonge Link to signup:

I’m in

I would like to be in it.

Count me in. mgeiger9 in game.

I’ll throw my 0-1 self in on this… js619 in game.

I 'll would like to play as well
IDS in game

I’ll play

I’m in!

Sounds good, I’m in.

I’m in!

Fine game. I’ll play.

plz sign me up.

I’m in.

I’ll play!

Ok, I will put this at the top also, but here is the Challonge Link to signup:

I can tag everyone: @irishdomer08, @jason1002, @geigerm, @js619, @Ids, @JaneHatke, @Hardco, @Snotty128, @whovian223, @SpiceTheCat, @JammaTal, @KYakerDude, @johnl

If you are not tagged and are reading this, you can still join.

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I have joined through Challonge , however my username there is IDS64


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Cool. Just to to remember and/or reset my Challenge login.

I think we just need @KYakerDude to start the tournament.

Sorry. It is done.

Ok, did a triple shuffle and we are off.