Patchwork Tournament - Jan/18


I setup my first 3 games and am saving 3 for later.

@johnl, @JammaTal, and @Snotty128 have invites.

If you want to go slower just decline the invite and we’ll re-do later.

GL and HF


Is anyone else having problems with the online games? It seems I have to load and reload the running games before it lists the game I’m playing. When it finally does, it works fine.


I’ve always had problems with Digidiced’s products - I have to force close the app to get it to connect to the internet…


Started 2 games (@Hardco and @KYakerDude). Does it randomize start player?


It does if you check ‘Shuffle’ when starting the game


That’s what that means!

Good to know. I was always wondering about that.


Yeah, I actually rolled a six-sided die, it came up 3, and I shuffled 3 times.

edit: oh you mean shuffle in the game…got it. yeah.


sorry for the Patchwork confusion, @whovian223.
my invitation was a total mistake. we are not in the same preliminary group.
so just a friendly game :rolling_eyes:


Since the tournament hadn’t started yet, that’s what I assumed anyway. :slight_smile:

Need some practice!!!


Att mgeiger9 , please except my friend request so i can set up challenge



hardco (9) over @whovian223 (6)

I picked up most of the cheap pieces early, but whovian223 was constantly threatening a button economy advantage. My quilt ended up a bit of a mess, and it was looking like whovian223 was going to snag the 7x7 bonus on his last active turn. I guess he didn’t see it though (or I misread the board), and I eked out a narrow victory…


Haven’t looked at the end game yet, but nice summary. I did make a mistake placing a piece early in the game that ended up leaving a one-square hole, but luckily I then got the piece to fill it.

I admit I’m very new to this game and so could have easily missed how I would get the 7x7.

I didn’t see anything that would do that. :slight_smile:

Great game!


Do you remember the score?

I think it was 9-6 or something like that.

I was going to post it on Challonge.


Yes, it was 9-6.


Hardco (24) over @geigerm (19)

Interesting game… Partway though, I misclicked and dropped the 1/2 S piece in the middle of my quilt. I focused on maintaining economic parity and picking up the cheap pieces, and got the win despite geigerm taking the 7x7. Look at this work of art!


Great game! I’m usually able to win with the advantage in earning power and the 7x7 piece, but you played that game very well.


GG @irishdomer08. I felt everything came up just the way I was hoping it would in that game, 23-2


@jason1002 over @whovian223 26-7

I just couldn’t get anything going and only finishing the 7x7 on the last turn put me in the positives.

Jason just ran all over me. Good game!


JaneHatke (3) over @kennfusion (-4)
Neither of us captured the 7 x 7
Good game!


JS619 over @johnl, 14-2. He grabbed the 7x7 bonus, but I think having 5 less blank patches saved me.