Neuroshima Hex players wanted

let’s play and find out if the New Hex is ready for tournament.
seems like no notifications and no badges.
so we are off for a bad start.

With no notifications of any kind, I won’t be playing any games. It is really frustrating that developers can’t seem to get this right.

generally i would agree, but in case of Neuroshima Hex you will hurt yourself. a lot.
because NH is such an extraordinary game.

and i must say it loads lightning fast and i get to my running games with one tap.
doesn’t hurt me much to take a look into the game every now and then.
i’m in a fast running game with a random stranger and wanna play play play, so i’m looking often, and each time it has been my turn :upside_down_face: :+1:

but for league or tournament play we would have to open a Discord channel for notifying each other easily. just tap on “@” and a list of all channel members comes up. another tap on the name and that’s it, because Discord sends notofications and badges.
it works like a charm for several CIV6 games. very convenient.

but of course it won’t hurt to push the Portal devs to install notifications/badges.
i think it’s not impossible.

@whovian223 Something odd. After seeing your post in the journalism thread I tried to create a game with you. I put “whovian223” in the nickname field for a remote player (and then tapped APPLY) and the screen reverted to its default state (without any message). When I tried “JammaTal” as the nickname and tapped APPLY it went back to the Create Game screen with JammaTal showing as my opponent. I was also able to do the same (get back to the Create Game screen) after entering “JMH.75”.

So I don’t seem to be able to locate you as an opponent. Yet you have registered? Anybody else tried matching with @whovian223?

And just for clarity … I did not actually start a game with @JammaTal or @JMH.75. I am not yet match fit for Neuroshima Hex. There are things I do not understand. It would be good to be able to click on a tile that you are about to play to get an explanation. There was one tile in my last AI game that I could not get to function (probably because I misunderstood it). The Undo feature was handy there. No doubt all the iconography will soon be familiar.

Try capital W. It may be case sensitive and I didn’t realize it when I registered.

I agree, a tooltip or similar would be great when faced with an icon you don’t know.

@whovian223 D’oh! That worked. Or rather … I got further. I tapped Start on the Create Game screen and now I have a message saying waiting for the other player with the only other option being ABORT. I think that just means “give up waiting for other player right now” because tapping on ABORT shows that I have a current game with you.

If you click “JOIN THE GAME” I think/hope that you will also see it …

there are tootips when the game has started and (only) when it’s your turn.
keep pressing on the tile and the tooltip will come up.

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I’m in. Love this game enough to overlook the (hopefully) initial flaws.

Js619, capital J, lower s, cause apparently they’re sensitive to that?

eta: man am I rusty at NH. Just lost to the medium AI

Ah, thank you @JammaTal. Clearly I did not have the strength or belief to press for long enough. Naturally, now it doesn’t seem to take that long at all.

The best I have done against the Medium AI is a draw. More insight needed!

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Sadly, neither game is showing up for me. Neither yours nor @JammaTal.

Could it have timed out? It was 8 hours after you both posted that I saw these posts and went to check.

My viewpoint says no timeout. When I tap JOIN THE GAME (just now) I see …

… so ??? If I tap Play I get told “Waiting for other player …”. Hey ho …

Where do you see your invites? I checked the “Join Game” area.

I just created one with you, @robthomasson. Maybe you’ll see mine though I can’t see yours

And now that I’ve created one, I see both the invites from you and @JammaTal.’

OK, this is just weird. I create a game, I see all of my games.

I delete the one I created, both of my other games with you two disappear.

I create it again, all three games are there. I delete mine, they all go away.

Anyway, it’s not my turn in either game right now. But I’ve joined them.

yeah, game has started and i took my turn.

great new feature: active effects are shown now (nets, all kinds of boosters).

we have great replays.
we can see in “join a game” who’s turn it is in each game (took TfM a long long time to show it).

updates are on the devs’ roadmap (for bringing on the rest of the armies) and so i’m confident that we will get notifications (and hopefully badges too) on the way.

4 games running and i’m quite pleased by the new NHex app.
but i’d like to know about the timers. guess we’ll have to find out the hard way.
that might be fixed in an upcoming update too.

I have created a game. you should see it in “join the game”.

I got nothing.

Try creating your own game. Then it might show up :slight_smile:

You’re as wise as always. Four games just appeared, including one with you.

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