Looking for Small World Players


nice. let’s wait for one or two more game testers :smirk:
i have mixed feelings about Asmodee/DoW. they managed to fix some things, but fumbled others. let’s cross fingers for SW2.
the first test will be the MP setup.
honestly my expectations are… somewhat low :unamused:


I’d be very surprised if they fixed the multiplayer at the same time, but I’ll play another game again…


it started with a BIG surprise!
password protection for private games now :+1:
much better than the screwed friendslist invites.

i have created 3P room “Stately” (password: Stately) for @irishdomer08 and @Hardco to join.

hahahaha :joy: :sweat_smile:
just to notice that a password protected game with 15 days timer is ONLY for joining in REALTIME :-1:
how pathetic! ridiculous! embarrasing for DoW. 100% nonsense.

so it was back to “invite Buddies”.
what strange Buddies list: 6x john_1325 on the list, sometimes with avatar, sometimes without, but no irishdomer08, no Hardco.
so i tried to import both of you from my GC friendslist. only to get the massage “irishdomer08/Hard_co is not linked to a DoW account”.
later i could add irishdomer08 by search function in “manage my buddies”.
strange enough! suddenly linked to a DoW account??!
but did not function for Hardco or Hard_co.
then i had enough of it. same sh&t as ever.
someone else please!


I sent an invite to both of you with all expansions. I don’t know if everyone needs them…


only game creator needs to own them.
btw i logged in to my DoW account and of course you and irishdomer08 are on my DoW friendslist.
but SW2 was not able to find you by search function, or kept telling me that you were “not linked to a DoW account” when i tried to import you from my GC list. ridiculous.

got your invite and have joined.


I’ve joined


game has ended. congrats to irishdomer08 on the win!

end game sequence seems to have been fixed. i could see the gold raining down although i did not have to make the last move.
and a new statistics screen has been added :+1:
giving me a proof for my feeling that both opponents kept beating just me :smirk:
well, many enemies bring on more honor.

could both of you see the end game ceremony too, irishdomer and Hardco?


Good game. Yes I could see the end scoring screen. The stats page looked the same to the one that had always been there.


I saw it all, including everyone winning every roll on the reinforcements die except me!


i had not played it for ages, so it was new to me.


I haven’t played this in a while, so I’m wondering who’d be interested in joining a 5P MP game (the more players, the better!) I’d create. The pace, of course, would be a leisurely one (max timer of 15 days). :slight_smile:

  1. Mysterio
  2. @LordGek
  3. @irishdomer08


I’ll play!


What’s your in-game handle?


irishdomer08 is my handle for SW


Ahh, seeing this thread pop up game me hope that there was a new updated (like making the game universal).