Looking for Small World Players

Finally success!!

no problem at all.
will be interesting if it makes a difference if you send the invites.

the other table finally succeeded in third try.
so it obviously won’t hurt if we keep spamming invites like there is no tomorrow. is this the way DoW wants it?
at least the way they deserve it.
i’ll send new invites asap.

All right, I gave it a shot. Hoping @irishdomer08, @whovian223, and @JammaTal see the invite …

I see it and accepted

I’m in! Got it and accepted

gotcha! :yum:
now, this is strange, or?
i would like to know what connection mechanics are working under the surface?

And we are off! Just made the first move. Good luck table 1

Anyone catch final scoring for table 2?

KYakerDude 93
Jane.Hatke 83
Hardco 77
Halfvoid 73

I can still sent the game end. I wonder why you cannot.

still not fixed?
only the winner (or the last player to make a move?) gets to see the (very well done) scoring ceremony?

@KYakerDude, the latest update (downgrade) introduced that bug.
DoW promised to take care a long long time ago.

Strangely enough, it showed up later, just not after it told me the game ended…

I was still able to see it, but it did oddly disappear from my list for a day, before coming back.

Table 1 just finished:

@irishdomer08 109
@JammaTal 93
@whovian223 83
@geigerm 74

Good game, all! I’d be up for another one …

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So would I! Might cleanse the shame from declining on turn 9, thinking there were 10 turns… :blush:

such a great game, and such a polished app.
but although i got a notification that “a game has been finished” there was nothing for me to see when rushing into the game. this is ridiculous,

i’m so angry at and disappointed by DoW.
what a bunch of incompetent developers.

but the game was enjoyable and ran so fast that i can’t but say “let’s do it again” :rolling_eyes:

It may appear for you at some point. It was there for me.

I’ve heard of that happening and had it happen once.

i have tried so often now, but still nothing.
i have written to support@daysofwonder.com

complaining about connection problems for getting games started in SmW and Potion Explosion as well.
asking for end game scoring and final standings in SmW.
asking why my approved DoW avatar does not show in PE and SmW.
reporting a timer bug in Ticket to Ride.
telling that we are stuck in multiple PE games because all running games have disappeared for one player.
lots of problems.

it may not help at all to tell them, but i was frustrated and felt like doing so.

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Table 2 game 2 results:

Hardco 110
KYakerDude 96
halfvoid 80
jane.hatke 66

I thought I’d post the scores to make sure everyone is able to see them.

I’ll bow out at this point. For some reason this game just doesn’t do it for me. Good luck on the next games.

Small World 2 was updated to 64-bit compatibility.

i wonder if MP connectivity and end game problems were fixed too?
anybody ready to check this out in a game?