Looking for Small World Players

I haven’t played this one in a while. It would be fun to get a game going for 4 - 5 players. We’ll do a 15 day timer per player. Random first player. Automatic Redeploy.

Who is interested? Please leave your Days of Wonder username if you’d like to play.

I’ve got the Cursed, Grand Dames, and Be Not Afraid expansions and can turn them on for our game (I don’t believe everyone needs to own them to play).

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Sur, I’ll play.

I’m whovian223 on Days of Wonder too

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I am so out of practice it’s not even funny, but I’d love to play again. mgeiger9 on DoW.

great idea. i have missed to play this.

when we tried to start a multiplayer game long time ago not all players could see the game and so could not join.
after some tries (changing game creator) we gave up.

so let’s hope for the best!
i wonder if they have fixed the problem that only one player could see the end of game scoring ceremony?

i’m JammaTal on DoW too.

I’ll give this a shot. We have the game in real life and played it 2-3 times. I just don’t quite get why people like this one. So I’d like to give it another go. KYakerDude in DOW.

I’m up for it if we can get it going…

I’ll play
Days of Wonder… Jane.hatke

Let’s see if we can find between 1 - 3 more players to get two tables going

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sign me up. halfvoid on DoW. weirdly, when I try to tap any of your names into “Invite Buddies” in SmallWorld I get a message saying “User could not be found in our players list.” :frowning:

I do already have two people in my list, codington and Snotty128.

(was able to add everyone but Jane.hatke through Potion Explosion’s buddy list which is shared with SW)

I think you have to go through the Days of Wonder web site, don’t you? Invite buddies there?

Except in Potion Explosion, I think.

I just added everyone here to my buddy list through SW2, so that’s weird…

Just accidentally added Hardco to my Ignore list. Yikes!

Quickly deleted and added to my Buddies list. It seems “Buddies” are not reciprocal (which makes sense, since you never have to “ask” to be connected)

Ok, I think we have waited long enough for new players. Lets go with what we have. 2 tables of 4.

Table 1:
@geigerm (mgeiger9)

Table 2:
@JaneHatke (Jane.hatke)

I will send out the Table 1 invite with all of the expansions turned on. Does anyone from Table 2 have those and would be willing to try sending the invite?

Fingers crossed we get this working!

ok Table 1, invite is out! Go see if you can find it

Invitation is out for Table 2! Good luck (on joining the game, not playing it)!

Not seeing it yet. Need more luck.

I don’t see the Table 1 invite …

“there are no open games to resume” :head_bandage:

Uh oh. Maybe it only made it to whovian. I see he accepted. I’ll send a new one

Yeah, don’t see the table 2 invite.