Looking for Small World Players

i have sent invites to whovian, irishdomer and geigerm too.
just in case…
for TtR it sometimes succeeded when another player sent the invites, and sometimes not either.
how long is this game out now?
if was functioning long time ago. we held tournaments.
then that crucial update hit…_up_date? more of a downgrade!
and since then they could not fix it?
and now the same problems with new release Potion Explosion :flushed:
come on Asmodee/Days of Wonder!
you can do better! or? not? really?

I resent the invite, but I’m not more optimistic! Someone else can try too…

Table 2 invite sent.

Our table is waiting for @halfvoid and @KYakerDude

Maybe no one could see the first invite because it included the expansions? I thought I was supposed to add them…

now i can see irishdomer’s game. and whovian has already joined too.
only geigerm still missing.

the same with my created game. 3 players in.
i will cancel my game in the same moment when irishdomer’s game will have started.
but who knows? maybe geigerm will be able to see only my game?
so i will wait on.

let’s keep fingers crossed now.
it’s a meta game :unamused:

Meanwhile, I have 6 new games in my game list. LOL

I really wish they’d get this invite thing fixed.

I’m still not seeing anything … where should the invite show up?

I don’t see anything in my online games, same thing’s happening in Potion Explosion. :frowning:

Games should be listed under Games in Progress

Good to know. I’ve been checking that screen (and every other one) and I’m afraid I don’t see an invite.

I’m not seeing the game. Same problem in potion explosion.

Don’t know if it matters but I don’t have any expansions.

In Potion Explosion, the invites show up in the envelope icon at the bottom of the “Games in Progress” screen.

But in Small World, they do show up as games in progress.

our next try should be that you will send invites.
it sometimes helped for TtR openings.

now i can see 3 games in progress, each with 3 players ready.
only geigerm missing in each game.

two ideas:

  1. , @geigerm, have you reassured that whovian, irishdomer and me are all on your friendslist inside your DoW website account?
    not only on SmW’s buddy list, but on the DoW account’s friendslist.
  2. it’s time for you to create a game and send the invites.

if both ideas fail, then we must decide if we want to play a 3P or will try to find a substitute, sad as it would be :disappointed:

I checked the website and all three of you are on my buddy list. I’m wondering if the stumbling block is my lack of expansions–the only expansion I have is the mini-expansion “Royal Bonus.” I therefore can’t start a game with them. If you’re ok with vanilla Small World, I’ll start a game. Otherwise, I’ll bow out. I don’t play the game enough to justify buying the expansions.

I tried setting up Table 2. I don’t have any expansions so it will be a vanilla game. You have 23 hours and 59 minutes to join!


Still don’t see anything under games in progress. Not sure how to fix it, guess I’ll try logging out and back in or reinstalling or something. :frowning:

Tried clearing data and logging in again, nope.

Tried reinstalling, still nothing.

The support button in game opens in chrome to a 404 page not found.

Everyone else has managed to join. You were able to see the Potion Explosion game. Wonder what the problem is. I’ve setup another game. This has a maximum duration per player of 15 days.

Well, looks like 3 is the magic number. Showed up and I even got a system notification for it. I’m in.