Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


I am not okay with @Snotty128 taking the hit … unless he really really really wants to drop out of the tourney. Keeping him in would mean playing again which would be a drag for the already declared finalists.

We should wait to see what our esteemed leader has to say. After all, it his pleasure and privilege to resolve anything and everything that happens in this tourney … :smiley:


I would like to keep playing as this is shaping up to be a nail biter of a tournament, and I’ve still got a chance of making the final.


i suggest to start a new game if all players are ok with it.

we will patiently wait for you when the new game will run at a decent/normal speed. no wizardry needed, just a reasonable speed.

@Snotty128, can you do the setup again? let’s hope that the regular map will not come up again.


All good by me …


All good with me too


Ok, done! Invite sent


Thank you … joined …


good news!
best luck to all of you!


We are done. “It could not have been closer” for second place …

The game was tight throughout… but everything just fell into my lap in the last round and I completed a 21 point area in each of my last two turns. Well played by all.


take it with a grain of salt!

we know of an end game bug which sometimes occurs (and is documented in screen recordings on my device).
it can happen that unsold good are not accounted for in the final victory points scoring. for the last player in player sequence.

i have asked Rob to take a screen recording of the replay and we will check it.
btw i have reported that bug to digidiced long ago (by ingame bug report and by email to support) but never got an answer.
very disappointing.

@Snotty128 and @feederofgoats, did you notice that bug in the end game victory points calculation?


and now to another VERY DISTURBING rulebook issue!

a complete rule discrepancy in german and english rules for solving tie breaks!

the same for ingame PDFs and hardcopy paper rulebooks in my boardgame copy.

“…mehr leere Felder” is the exact opposite of “…fewest empty spaces” :flushed:

what a rules blunder! i guess there must be an errata sheet on BGG?
whatever, german rules may be the original rules, but the english rules are more reasonable and english is the “world language”. so we go by these rules.
and so does obviously the app, made by german designers :smirk:


dammit! not so!
in an errata on BGG the translator Patrick Korner admits his translation error.

robthomasson reported to me that only @Snotty128 had unsold goods, so whatever they have been correctly accounted for or not, Snotty must be

officially declared second place winner and going into the final.

sorry for the confusion @feederofgoats :disappointed:

and now i have to deal with digidiced’s support again.
i guess they won’t be interested to improve their app…again :frowning_face:
but i think i must try my best.


Sadly I believe my score was correct and my goods were accounted for. I did take a variety of screenshots including quite a clear shot of my board before final scoring. I’ll try to add it here

The rule book being different in different languages creates quite a twist though.


Great game everybody - I confess that these last few turns I have been playing without watching the replay to try and fit the game into the very small spots of free time that you get while on holiday with three children under 10!

I’m happy to go with whatever is the consensus on tie breaks…


I sat through a replay of the whole game so I could capture the end position for @feederofgoats to check his final score … to make sure he was not being disadvantaged by the app or something …


It seems that 196 is his correct and final score. With 8 empty spaces.


Poor Patrick :sweat_smile: that rulebook just doesn’t leave him alone. He apparently also hears a lot about the choice of “turns” and “phases” in the rulebook.


Patrick Korner seems to have problems when it comes down to tiebreaker rules. i feel for him, but it’s a bit embarrassing.
“it’s whoever has the MOST empty spaces. Apparently tiebreaker rules are where my brain shuts off during translation.”

so this is where we stand. i have reported the issue to digidiced.
let’s see if they are interested to keep the app in line with the correct tiebreaker rules.
but we will go by this:


in any case a great fight between Snotty and FeederofGoats.

great final starts now.


very honorable mention for tiebreaker FeederofGoats.

let’s hope that the randomizer won’t place us at the standard board.
but if so, we will have to go with it.

we were lucky. a very interesting board. i have never played it before.


Good luck all … here’s to a great game.

Of course I have cogent and considered claims that going fourth on this particular board is calamitous… but it would be wise to smile faintly (with optional eye roll) and not deign to dignify my wimpish wittering with even a sideways glance. Onward!


i have a feeling that the final of a 16-players tourney should not drag along from timeout to timeout :worried:

i think it has deserved to be the culmination and highlight of a good event and deserves to run at a decent pace.

please please please, can we go a bit faster?