Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


Sorry man. I just started a new job so Ive got no internet access in the daytime and my brain in custard after I’m back home. I’ll try to get back to 1 turn/day


ouch! i understand. sorry for your troubles.
i will upgrade my patience level! promised.


tournament is over and out.
i’m happy to have won in a tough and close final.
special compliments to runner-up robthomasson who would have deserved the win as well.


We have a deserved winner in @JammaTal - many congratulations on your considered and creative play in the final.

My thanks to all my opponents in this tourney. Every one of my games was hard fought (in my quarter-final there were four points between first and fourth places) and hinged on key decisions … and possibly die rolls. But you tend to notice the die rolls in the last few turns (and whether they work for you or not) when it is the die rolls throughout that count/contribute and typically they even out across all players.