Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


here we are:

well played by all. thx for the enjoyable game.


and again top priority for matchmaking was to arrange tables where no one had played against any other player before in this tournament.
the very first random list made by RandomOrg did the job:

semifinal table A

semifinal table B

settings: shuffle and random identical map

the first two players on each table advance into the 4P final.


Hello @SleepingGiant, i have sent you a friend request in CoB.


Wow, that’s a lot of points. Good game!


Fun game! Congrats to @JammaTal! Well played!


@JammaTal @irishdomer08 game on!

I hadn’t seen this map before and I agonized for a while about where to start and eventually convinced myself I had a strategy, which was then quickly tossed out the window upon seeing the initial tiles and dice :joy:



agreed on the map. one of the most difficult.


I sent a friend request @feederofgoats to the feederofgoats profile on digidiced. There were a few other SP people on the profile so I assume it’s the right one. Am awaiting the friends request being accepted


Hi @Snotty128 I didn’t see your request for some reason so I sent you one - I’ve had troubles with this account for some reason.


Shuffle/random identical game started…and we get the base map :frowning:


can happen :frowning_face:
chance is 1:8


amazing game. always close and tense.

irishdomer08 and me are waiting at the final table.

what progress in the other semifinal? 3rd or 4th round?
hurry up, guys! can’t wait to start the Grand Final.


Great game by both of you! Really fun tournament, thanks for organizing!


Congrats to @JammaTal ans @irishdomer08 … I am sure @SleepingGiant pushed you throughout the game.

The other semi-final is moving much slower … I have just taken my first turn in the second round.


wow! only one round played in the same time when we have finished the whole game :flushed:

there must have been (some?) timeouts, right?


@SleepingGiant dragged us through the game as he was the long-time leader.


I can’t see the game. Have I been kicked? I ended up being out all day on Saturday so I’ll have missed the 24 hour timer. Feel free to continue without me


sometimes it takes a loong time before the running game(s) appear.
then it helps to call up the profile, and then to go back to running games.

the game does not kick players.


Our game was/is (obviously) very slow. Whenever I got bored (and/or worried about a missing notification) I went in and memory says that oftentimes there was a timeout for @feederofgoats (the player ahead of me in the turn order). Nothing said here I saw in another thread that @feederofgoats was moving house so that would explain the lack of time for this game.

As @JammaTal said, I would not expect the game to kick anybody and I have not done that knowingly. Even if some trigger number of timeouts was reached they why @Snotty128? Eh?

So I am not sure that @Snotty128 should throw himself on his sword (unless he really wants to).


Sorry - yes I have been the main reason the game is running slowly. Lots of stuff at work and home at the moment. I think I have twice triggered the timeouts by an hour or two.

@Snotty128 you are currently after me in the turn order but I noticed yesterday and today that your turn happened instantly I finished mine which suggests you’ve been replaced by a computer player. I definitely didn’t kick you

How do we handle this?