Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


And that’s game.

Good game @whovian223 and @JHTaube!


Way to go @whovian223 and @coffeentacos!
It had been a few years for me. Clearly I need some more practice.


@Baelnor, @jason1002 and @JaneHatke,
is table 1 ok and on its way? are you having fun?


Think we are at end of third round, all around 80/90 points.

I had some timing troubles and kept missing notifications. Seems better now!

Looks close!


Good game, both of you!


Good game everyone. I was able to fill up my last section of buildings



Nice win, Jason! Well played by all. Fun one!


the idea for this 2nd round was to keep pushing the randomizer button till no one was placed on a table with any player she/he had played against before.
the 3rd attempt succeeded.

table castle:

table townhall:

table watchtower:

the top seated players must make friends with the others and create a table
with settings: shuffle and random identical map

first two players on each table will advance into the semifinals.

good dice luck to all players!

btw a good balance. 2 round one winners at each table.


If everybody sent their own request to their table captain s/he wouldn’t have to do it 3 times. Just a thought.

So I went ahead and sent a friend request to you, SleepingGiant.


Thanks! I accepted yours and sent requests to @feederofgoats and @coffeentacos. I’m traveling all day tomorrow so will have to wait until Wednesday to start the game, I hope that is ok.


of course :smirk:


Hello @JaneHatke, your turn on our table (timer expired).


Hello @Snotty128, your turn at table watchtower (timer expired).
do we have a notification problem?


Table Townhall is complete.

Good game folks!


looks like it has been a helluva game.
@feederofgoats and @SleepingGiant advancing into semifinal.


Taken to the wire in a game well-played by all … tough on Ward and Jason.


wow! what a game.
all players have won gold medals.
“4th winner” @jason1002 has developed the most hexes and came in only 4 points behind the winner.

congrats to @robthomasson and @irishdomer08 on advancing into semifinals.


I guess I should’ve tried a little harder


That score is insane. This has got to be one of the tightest competitions we have had here in a while


progress report:
our table (watchtower) has been a bit on the (very) slow side but now only
2 turns are left to play in the very last round.