Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship



Do we report here?

Our table has finished:

1st: AtticusJr
2nd: IrishDomer
3rd: Hardco


congrats on your win, Bill!

result table 3:

some surprising insights here. john won the most gold medals and had the fewest vacant hexes in the end, but to no avail.


@JammaTal h/t for finally making me learn this one - might be one of my new favorites!


Good game, well played!


Table 4 finished with me and @Snotty128 advancing. I can’t point to any single reason for ending up with the most points, but knowledge bonuses helped. I’m scratching my head at how to even get scores like table 3 winners.


Thought I was doing well till @Snotty128 finished that area on the last turn. GG!


GG all! Came from way behind the last two turns …


Well played Zen4one - pigs for the win!


Gg All!


Do you all play with the standard layout board? I’m not in the tournament but have lost the ‘red tick’ so can’t choosing alternative layouts. Or would that skew your scores?


hello @cgareth,
so in this first round it’s the standard layout.
in the next rounds it still can come up as random choice (the standard layout is part of the random boards pool), but then with free choice of starting position.

score comparisons between different tables are irrelevant.
just maybe interesting.

you have lost your ‘red tick’?
playing the random boards is very interesting and especially challenging.
so i would not give up trying to get it back. sending a bug report? deleting and re-installing the game?

and btw isn’t it a ‘grey tick’?


tourney progress report:

4 tables finished :+1:
players @AtticusJr, @irishdomer08, Jamma, @robthomasson, @SleepingGiant, @Snotty128, @zen4one and @feederofgoats are advancing into next round.

tables 1 and 6 still running.

the next round with three 4P tables on random identical boards will be the ironforge stage. half of the players will be eliminated :woozy_face:


Hi @JammaTal ,

After thought, yes you must be right re. Standard v Random; each board just changes the strategy, in so far as each player may not be trying for the same pieces at the same time.

I did use to have a [insert colour here(!)] tick but alas no longer:

and have submitted a bug report/d/reinstalled and will keep trying. I’m heartened by you saying it’s still there for you, so all is not lost!

Thanks :slight_smile:


If that’s one of many random boards, then I’m super excited for the next round. This blows the optimal strategies wide open


i have just checked it out: a choice between maps A and B comes up in ‘local/random different’ setup.

[edit: coffeentacos later confirmed that it’s the same for ‘online casual/random different’.]

in the mode “random identical” one of the different 9 board layouts is chosen for all players to play on. no choice.
btw a mode which is not possible when playing the cardboard edition on the boardgame table (because boards 2-9 are only supplied once).

but each player secretly chooses his starting position.
certain pieces can/will still be fought over, but this is a) a nice part of the drama, and b) not as dominant as on standard board.


very much so! right from choosing the starting position.


Aargh I’ve been a dumbo. See that line up top saying “Choose a start position”? Well I didn’t…

I’ll keep a look out for new tournaments here. It’d be fun to try stuff out.


haha, i just came here to tell you exactly that.
well, not that you’re a dumbo of course :joy:

i had not even seen that line, but just tapped on a start position and the red herring…uhm tick came up indeed.


Can confirm if you choose random different, you’ll get a choice whether online or local. Should be no different regardless of mode you’re playing for all things in this game :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re nearly through our game. Just on the last set of turns.