Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


@whovian223 I’ve got you.

@JHTaube what’s your digidiced username? I’ll get the invite out once I’ve got you added.

Need both of you to accept my request then I’ll create the game!


I’m Snotty128 and it looks like you’re on my list as js619


I’ll accept it when I get home tonight.

Thanks for setting it up!


I’m in, game started. Good luck!


@js619 I’ve accepted your burgundy invite, but you appear to have invited whovian rather than sleeping giant


I don’t see your request. I see one from @js619 but not from you.

Sure you have mine?

Never mind. I see you meant friend request. I’ve accepted.


Yup, messed that up. Deleted it and just waiting for @SleepingGiant to accept the friend request.


@zen4one, @feederofgoats could you please accept the friend request, so I can send out the game request?


I’ve done it now. It’s not immediately obvious that you even have a friend request on Digidiced is it?!


I had a bunch that I hadn’t done.

When it said “waiting for reply”, I thought I had sent them!


It looked like I already had a friend request out to you, I just sent a new one…


Sorry, didn’t see it - I’ll take a look later today and get the invite out


all tables running by now? having some fun?
our table 3 is halfway through the game and we are entangled in tough struggles. definitely great fun!


We’re up and running, in the second round, maybe? I’m kind of grasping what’s happening but really need to watch a tutorial lol

@Snotty128 @SleepingGiant help me out? I’m confused as to why your turn markers are advancing and mine isn’t? Does it matter? Couldn’t find anything in the manual about that…


It’s essentially an initiative/turn order tracker. The ships move it forward one, for a maximum of 6. Also, as you’ve just seen, the order of the markers matters. If someone moves on top of your marker then they get to go before you.


Ah, ok, thanks! Knew the going first part but didn’t realize it was the ships that moved it. Knew I should’ve bought one of those lol!


Our game is now stating that IrishDomer is “out of time” and there an option to delete the game.

Anyone know how the app handles this? Can we bypass this somehow and continue, or Should we start over?


If the player takes their turn you’ll be good. Basically it’s there so you don’t have a game with an inactive player. Should be no need to restart.


The digidiced games are really good with this feature. As long as no player at the table taps the boot button then it will be irishdomers turn when he gets the chance to play.


just like coffeentacos and Snotty said: the game doesn’t enforce anything.

a 24hrs timer would be a bit harsh, so let’s handle this patiently and not kick any player.

we can take it as a reminder that a player is late with his turn and post a little push here in the forum thread instead.