Let's build some Castles in Burgundy! 1st SP CoB Championship


@whovian223 and @Snotty128, yes, now i remember.
some games were played by PT’lers on botajeux.

and yes, robthomasson is damn hard to beat in CoB :woozy_face:


i think it was on Wednesday, April 24th.


17 (18 if Mirefox joins us) entries so far! that’s wonderful.
i will wait on for some days before starting the tourney,

Swiss style? would be 5 rounds/games for everyone.
too many games?

or rounds of tables with the first two players advancing into next round?

3 rounds: I/ 6x3P - II/3x4P - final/3 winners plus point best second.

or 4 rounds: I/6x3P - II/3x4P - semifinals/2x3P - final/4P

i would prefer 4 rounds of tables.
but if players would like to stay in the tourney for playing 5 secured games, Swiss system is the best solution.


Anyone for a friendly learning game before kicking off the tourney?


I shall. Baelnor on gamecentre


Always! Same username as here.


I’m up for one! Whovian223 of course


Nice! I’ll get invites out tonight when I get wifi


@Mirefox and @coffeentacos, do you want to join the tourney?

will start on Wednesday, 1st of May


No, sorry. I will not be in this one.


Yeah count me in!


18 participants is a good count. 19 would be quite problematic, so i close the entry list now.

  1. JammaTal
  2. Baelnor
  3. Hardco
  4. zen4one
  5. JHTaube
  6. irishdomer08
  7. feederofgoats
  8. AtticusJr
  9. whovian223
  10. SleepingGiant
  11. johnl
  12. JaneHatke
  13. jason1002
  14. js619
  15. robthomasson
  16. Snotty128
  17. JMH.75
  18. coffeentacos

really an impressive list. a kind of who is who of SP tourney players.

please vote for:
a) having a Swiss tourney (each player must be ready to play 5 games, even when suffering a losing streak)
b) 4 rounds of tables (6 players will be eliminated in 1st round, 6 players in 2nd round and 2 in the semifinals)

it’s a matter of taste and stamina.
Swiss: i can assure you that CoB is definitely a fun game, even when losing.
but not all players might be ready to play 5 games or?

elimination rounds: motivation keeps to stay high for winners. so my experience with this kind of tourney is a good one. they are always played to the end.


I like Swiss because I am keen to get some game play in.

Curious, how does the turn timer work for here?


The Swiss Option … Are there rounds after everybody has played five games? For example, The top 4/8 players then fight for the final glory?

In any case I prefer 4 player games to 3 player games so I vote for whichever option gives that. If both options are for 4 player games then let’s go Swiss.


turn timer will be no problem. i think 24 hrs for each turn, but when expired, the game does not kick the player. the other players can do it then, but must not. so we can agree on longer timer as we like.


Swiss system:
i had to learn the hard way how complicated it can be, esp for 4P and 3P tables.
eg on Challonge swiss system is meant only for 1-on-1 games.

sorry, but let’s just forget about it.

with 18 players we will have to play a mix of 3P and 4P rounds.

1st round will be six 3P tables.
2nd round will be three 4P tables.
semifinals will be two 3P tables.

in all rounds the first two players on each table will advance into next round.

the grand final will be a 4P table.


Oh yes, that works out well.

I like it that two players advance each time … allows for a balance of skill and luck :sunglasses:


so i smashed the “randomize” button in RandomOrg for generating the six 3P tables of round 1. and here we are:

table 1

table 2

table 3

table 4
Sleeping Giant

table 5

table 6

the top listed players have to send friend requests for inviting the others to a casual game with options shuffle and map mode standard enabled.

for the next rounds we will switch to shuffle and map mode random identical.


@johnl, i think you are john_1325 on the digidiced server, right?

invite has been sent.


@SleepingGiant and @Snotty128, let me know your Digidiced names - I’m JS619 there too, but don’t remember if I have you guys in the list or not. Will send invites later tonight.

and h/t @JammaTal for setting this all up!