Legend of Solgard discussions and guild talk


Yeah, I’m not punching out at this point. Just echoing some of the sentiments above RE: the campaign.


The only “rushing” I would recommend is to finish 120 as soon as possible, because it unlocks the Maskina fight for the weekly boss arena, especially since it seems to have the best loot.


Well I can’t even beat the level 5 heroic most of the time. Any suggestions on a consistent team there?


Hey guys,

LoS has to compete with some other games and with not that much spare time available I decided to stop playing it. So you can kick me out the guild to make room for another player.


what teams are you using in the arena?


Whenever I complain about a campaign level here I seem to win it the next attempt. So blah blah level 133 blah.


I’ve settled on Wyrm Wrangler, Cracklehoof, Rock Gronch, and Tusker in the Hero Arena. While the first three troops are fairly slow, they still do damage before their actual attack and therefore help keep enemy growth from getting out of control.


once upon a time in the Legend League i stumbled over this:

all 4 Legendaries, all totally outmaxed, and i bet that all abilities were level 10. not to speak of (golden?) idols :flushed:

must have costed some hundred bucks (if not a thousand) or he is one of the devs :grin:


They don’t call it the legend league for nothing!


Holy cow—that team is insane. So, Jamma, you beat it, right? :wink:


They didn’t wipe accounts at global launch. Probably someone playing for over a year.


i got a Vinebeard on my first day in softlaunch, but nearly never ever again since then.
and you can’t farm him in heroic battles because a location is unknown.
and i have completed the campaign, which means there is no location for him itm.

so honestly no way to bring him up to level 7/:large_orange_diamond::large_orange_diamond::large_orange_diamond::large_orange_diamond: without spending real money.
not to speak of the 3 other legendaries.
and how much gold will be needed?

so i go with geigerm when he called it insane.

btw i missed the “pleasure” of getting my ass handed to me.
when i came back after posting the screenshot that team was gone.


Hello @TheDukester,
seems you have stopped to play Solgard.
so i guess it would be ok to free up your slot in the guild.
of course you can always come back anytime when you want to play again.


Ive wanted to buy something from the game for a while, for the same reason as a lot of you - I want to reward a job well done. An offer finally popped up that I liked the look of. It was an epic mold crafting materials. Straight to the shop I went! We want $75 they said. Yeah nah, thanks anyway. Maybe next time


yeah, most deals are insane (just like in Gems of War btw).
only the 30 days x3 value subscription offer (1980 gems total) for 5,49 euro seems decent.


I thought the $10 for the Legendary was fine. I got the Lamp guy. Sure he is level 2, but so are most of my creatures.


wow, that came unexpected!
i had thought “hmm, +2HP would be nice”, but this kind of multi-upgrade when reaching level 20 (+2 HP/+1 spell power/+1 barrier/+2 max energy) blew me away.
very recommended :joy:


Now that I have made it to the Underworld mode, I assume that part of my goal should be to try to at least get all troops to level 2 and 1 pt of skill in each skill?


Getting everything to rank 2 will certainly help, yes.


it’s a constant struggle between concentrating on the main team and trying to level up as many creatures as possible.