Legend of Solgard discussions and guild talk

for not littering the “what we’re playing this weekend?” thread any longer i have created this thread.

all active players like @geigerm, @Snotty128, @robthomasson and @HolstenKnight are invited to share their thoughts on the game.
esp thoughts on creatures’ strenghts and tactics in special events.

anyone else playing Legend of Solgard?

Is there a shortcut for finding out what an enemy does? I’ve tried tapping, holding and other gestures but can’t figure out how to get information about them. I suspect part of the challenge is working it what an enemy does

you have a point here!

afaik we can’t see the ability levels and can’t see idols nor guild buffs.
only the basic stats and Arena buffs, and only before the fight starts (in Hero Arena).

when fighting in heroic levels to farm certain creatures’ soul gems it’s all about learning by doing.

and we must know what certain creatures can do.
but after playing for some time this should be no problem.
after all there aren’t too many creatures itm.

the “try it” function in ability menu helps a lot to learn what creatures can do.

hello @kennfusion!
Solgard is my most played game for some time and has totally overpowered Gems of War.
i’m only still playing guild wars in GoW.
once in three weeks is easy going.

Is there a Stately Play guild? I would totally join.

I am enjoying the game (though it kills my phone battery) and it is replacing Clash Royale for me

[quote=“JammaTal, post:17, topic:1477, full:true”]
not really. isn’t it the same in Gems of War, when concentrating all efforts on traiting a new legendary by all means?[/quote]

I don’t remember what it’s like to pull a troop worth traiting in GoW–haven’t done that in ages. :unamused:

I suppose you’re right, though. The barrier to entry is pretty low, but, at some point, there’s got to be some challenge to leveling troops up to force you to make some tough decisions.

@Tigana made a good point–the game is a complete battery hog. That’s my only complaint at the moment.

EDIT: A question about idols–how worthwhile are they? I just reached level 11 and have the ability to unlock the common Vidar idol, but I’m wondering if I should save the crafting material for something better once I get a better mold to work with.

we can remove idols from creatures without destroying them.
costs a hammer. i had 4 hammers in store when i did it (if not in store we must buy a hammer for a hefty gem price).
or we can dismantle idols for getting back a big part of used components.

some time ago i decided to go for small birds in my hands over big fat birds on the roof and started to forge decent lowlevel idols like:
rank1 Sun Vidar: +10 crit
rank1 Gullinbursti or Sun Muninn: +5 crit/+1 big
rank1 Moon Muninn: +1 strength/+1 sync

i did never regret it.
i have “upgraded” to rank3 idols much later in two cases since then, and handed over the two rank1 idols to other creatures.

here an overview of some molds:


we have an offspring of Stately Play’s Gems of War Guild Thrill Kill Kult, called TKKult (TAG: #LUNSS).

in the moment only 3 Stately Guys (robthomasson, HolstenKnight and me) are playing in the guild. would be nice to take you in.

only question is how to do it?
i can’t find a way for direct invitations :flushed:
and no way to close the guild for strangers to join.

maybe when you input the tag #LUNSS in guild search you will be added to a queue for preferred entrance when a slot will be free?

if not we must arrange a time for an online “meeting” :thinking:
i will free one or two slots at the same time when you try to join then.

I totally get where Jamma is coming from with his love for the elfling. I’ve not tried my cracklehoof or pyroon yet, but the elfling is an absolute machine in that slot. Quick attack for poking sungates, a stun attack on every match and it’s ability to attack adjacent targets really racks up the damage output.

Cracklehoof is my boy.

I’m totally surprised by how much I’m liking Solgard. It’s been my go-to for a few days now (and, coincidentally or not, my ES: Legends burnout has set in).

I’d definitely be interested in joining an SP guild. I’m in one with some randoms now, but I’ll drop those losers like a hot rock.

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again and again i get devastated by early multiple Elfling attack waves.
esp on higher ability levels they are a nasty bunch.

the Rotbite is more like a bunker breaking precision bomb. he can literally dig through enemy stacks, getting stronger on the way. in fact he should only be sent against crowded columns. his talent would be wasted when sent to weak spots.
he is strong in boss fights. in Boss Arena and in guild dungeons.

as commons both are relatively “cheap” to level up. even high ability levels are possible.
i like them both, but not on the other side :confounded:

found the guild, but it’s full. No hurry though, let us know if spots open.

Hi Duke,
i’m not sure if a slot will be reserved or if there is a queue for TAG requests, but you could try a “guild search by #TAG” (our tag is #LUNSS).

i will free a slot and reset the minimum required level to 1 as soon as you are ready to go and have sent a TAG request.

should i do that before, the slot would be instafilled with a stranger in seconds.
our guild seems to be ranked high on the “recommended guilds” list.
nice permanent bonuses and very active in boss bashings.

no idea why there is no option for direct invites :flushed:

yup. always full, no matter how many players i kick. slots are refilled in no time.

i guess you have sent a request by #TAG?
so i will free a slot and we will see what happens.

one open slot now.

yeah! you’re in, Kenn :blush:

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I am in

Yeah, I see you guys.

I guess it’ll have to be timing.

Are you still up? Isn’t it late there? :joy:

early hours of the day :smirk:
4:24 :rolling_eyes:

Duke, i will free another slot right now.

or you could propose the timing. guess i will stay awake and be ready for the next half an hour.

one slot still open.

4:35 and still an open slot.

the slot was open for 12 minutes, then a stranger joined.

Sorry … was picking the youngest up from football practice. The American kind; with shoulder pads.

But … I am home now, for the evening. It is 8:05 p.m. here; I’ll monitor this thread for a bit.

(Didn’t SP have a Discourse channel or something … )

Oh man, use discord to send a push notification to anyone wanting a spot when one opens, by using @ and their name. I can’t believe you finally found a use for the SP discord channel

Holy hell … it’s still on my phone! :joy:

Good idea; sending you a message, @JammaTal.