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But you can’t go wrong, imo, with upgrading all the common units. All of them are quite good, though some are more widely useful than others.


i have noticed that especially in the Hero Arena the fast common units Bear, Elfling (or Rotbite) and Boar are very powerful.
add the Rock Gronch and you can beat even high level teams.

many of the Hall of Fame top players go with these units.


I’ve reached the point where neither sun gems nor gold progress fast enough to keep me interested. I’ll probably still poke at the game here and there but will certainly be less consistent. @JammaTal, feel free to boot me from the guild if needed.


sorry to hear that, Nick.
but yes, progress slows down a lot when reaching higher levels (of abilities and basic stats). understandable that motivation can go down.
thanks for letting us know.


Hi Folks, i joined the guild yesterday. Still enjoy the game. Any ideas for lvl 136?


yes, with some (more a big deal of) patience the fun does not dwindle away.
progress in late stages may be slow, but the effort is low. so the balance is ok for me.

generally the basic fun in Boss Arena, Dungeon, Treasure Hunt, Rainbow and Underground keeps growing when team power starts to lift off.
and battling in Hero Arena for one of the top slots in Grandmaster League can be an amazing perma event.

long ago i had talked Holsten into the game and he started playing only every now and then.
the game grew on him and by now he is fully engaged.

but i guess that Nick as member of SP’s writing staff has to deal with so many other great games that too much of needed patience in just a FTP is simply an inaccessible luxury :upside_down:


Effort vs reward isnt worth it for me. It takes a long time to grind enough sun gems to upgrade even to rank 5 and then the gold doesn’t go very far. And yeah there are plenty other options for my gaming time. Stardew Valley on iPad for example. :wink:

This is all, of course, personal preference and not a judgment on anybody for whom the grind feels reasonable.


So I just finished my first Underworld run…and did not make it to the end of the first chamber.

But damn is that mode fun.

This is seriously a game mode to appeal to someone like me, mostly FTP minnow who just wants to slow grind all of the units and have them all be useful.


Underworld is fantastic. This is long, so I apologize, but I hope it will be of help to you.


TLDR: damage the boss to stun her, pick a mix of creatures that work reasonably together when you can. Kill tombstones when they are up, and creature crates when you can, but maintaining your health is more important than either.


Underworld is a survival mode that tests the strength and depth of your roster. You complete a series of stages (collectively known as a chamber) and try to reach the end before losing all of your creatures.
The main reward for this mode is crafting components for idols, both from chests and urns. There are quite a few mechanics at work, but we hope this guide helps you get started.

Basic Features and Mechanics:

The goal of each individual stage is to avoid taking damage and delay Hamo from capturing your creatures for as long as possible.

When the mode begins, you will be given the choice between two units of each color to start your assault on the chamber. You will be unable to change these unless a unit is captured.

Hamo (Hel’s Minion): Hamo does not attack directly. On the turn after her hold counter reaches zero (the hourglass will disappear) she will imprison one of your creatures. Her current HP is shown in a circle next to the hourglass. Reducing her HP to zero will reset her HP (you can’t damage her any more that turn [thanks ArtNJ]) and add one turn to her hold timer. Hamo’s HP and hold timer carry over between stages, so damaging or stunning her at the end of a stage is still helpful. The amount of damage required to stun her increases as you progress through the chamber.

Your HP: If your HP drops to zero you will lose 3-4 creatures immediately, so your number one priority is to avoid taking damage when possible. Like Hamo’s health, your health carries over between stages.

Turn Counter: When the turn counter reaches 0, the stage ends. Note that Hamo can still capture a creature after the end of the least turn.

Garm: Stages featuring Garm are completed by reducing his health to zero. He attacks in 2 columns with his strength every turn and this stays constant throughout the fight. There is still a turn counter; if the counter reaches 0 before he is dead, he attacks immediately with his remaining hp as his strength. This can cause you to lose a whole lot of health if you aren’t careful or get caught with a bunch of creatures with long hold times.

Unit capture: When a unit is imprisoned, you will choose between two options for a replacement, unless you have less than two remaining of that color. They are not permanently lost, but can be regained rom creature crates.

Stage Features:

Minions and Constructs: The other enemies are the major threats to your health. Watch out for ballista and other enemies spawning behind urns. In Chamber 3, Undead and Tentacles appear.

Bombs: Use these to your advantage to damage everything. If a stage has directional bombs, it is often a good idea to hit them early.

Urns: Destroy them if you can, as they contain mold components.

The back wall: Like Treasure Caves, you can damage the back wall and drop stones from the ceiling to damage trash minions, urns, or anything else on the board, including Hamo.

Stage Completion and Rewards:

After you complete most stages, you will get to activate a spinner which can provide a number of goodies (see below) but will usually make you question how probability works. You can buy more spins (25 gems), but it is not recommended.

Some stages award you with a material chest, a creature crate, and a tombstone for the next level. At these points you will also find a shop where you can purchase a health potion or a creature crate.

If you finish the chamber, you will receive a large number of idol component components. Note that in the third chamber, you are given three choices to pick from, so it is good to know which type you might need before you finish. In chambers 4 and 8, you will receive 35 components and a rare idol.

The third chest of chamber 6 yields 50 components. Not a bad chest to farm for a few runs if you are running short

Helpful Items:

Tombstones: These can be earned from the spinner. You also get one each time you reach a chest. Two tombstones spawn at the start of the stage and hold for 3 turns before they disappear. If you kill them both before they disappear, you will generate a Creature Crate.

Creature Crates: These can be won from spins, from destroying the pair of tombstones, or purchased from the shop (starting at 75 gems). Unlike tombstones, these do not disappear after the round ends and their health carries over to the next stage. You can also have two creature crates up at once, so always kill tombstones first before crates. The color will be predetermined and you will pick between 2 units, provided you are missing more than one of that color.

Hourglass: From the spinner. Resets Hamo to full hold.

Health Potion: From the spinner or purchased from the shop (cost starts at 50 and increases). Resets your HP to full.

Underworld Ticket: Resets your progress to the beginning of the current chamber and all your creatures are rescued.

Strategy Tips:

The chamber gets more difficult as you progress. Save some of your best creatures for the end, but don’t use all your bad creatures at once.

Try to have 1-2 units that launch immediately or after 1 turn on your team at all times. If you get stuck with a full team of long hold units, it can make life very difficult.

DoTs are very effective at dealing damage to Hamo while you focus other threats. Units like Fire Strider can be incredibly useful in Underworld for this reason. Use this opportunity to learn more about units you probably don’t use very often.

Think about synergy of units when picking replacements. Flame Wyrm is an awesome pick if you have that Fire Strider, Valkyrie, or another fire-based unit on the field. Not so much if you have no fire creatures in play.

If your health is low and you could wipe at any moment, it might not be the best time to choose one of your star units as a replacement. (Thanks ArtNJ)

If Hamo is about to steal a creature, check the color of the skull over her head. That is the color she is about to steal. If you combine a creature of that color, it will then attack when she steals it.

Near the end if you start running out of a few colors, you can have 2-3 good creatures left and easily make matches all over the board, so don’t despair if you look like you’re going to fail near the end. Be warned that once you are down to 2 creatures, Hamo will attack with her current strength instead of stealing a creature.

Protect your HP: you will lose 3 creatures if your health is reduced to zero (the colors are shown by the skulls at the bottom of the screen), whereas you only lose 1 creature if Hamo imprisons one at the end of her hold timer. Letting a big hit get through to finish a tombstone or stun Hamo is a bad move.

If a creature gets imprisoned, any combined units of that type will attack immediately. You can use this to your advantage at times.

Hamo always moves one space left or right each turn, and telegraphs the direction with the box underneath her with the exception of when you stun her, so use that plus knowledge of your creatures hold time and attacks to damage her.

It is worth repeating that hits against the back wall can drop stones on the field. These can be a huge lifesaver as a last resort, especially on stages with Garm


yes, it’s like a game on its own. you could easily ignore the rest and just have (enough) fun with Underworld.


Abigail has problems to find and join our guild.
so let me post how it looks for me.

[edit] problem solved.


Thank you for the guild invitation! :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying Legend of Solgard more than Creature Quest (and I appreciate that it is not as “in your face” on the cash shop offers as Creature Quest or Gems of War), so if you need my Creature Quest guild spot, feel free to remove me from the Creature Quest guild. I enjoyed Creature Quest early on, but not as much lately. My current iOS casual gaming will focus on Dungeon Boss, Legend of Solgard, and Gems of War at present. :sunglasses:


I had not opened Dungeon Boss in a while, and did over the weekend when someone mentioned it around here, and had no idea what was going on. Is there a current good resource on what are good heroes/teams?


I’ve been leaning on this Dungeon Boss reddit thread, Starskream’s Hero PvP Tier List, there have been new heroes introduced since it was written and it’s slanted towards the PvP mode, which I understand to be the Raids in the “My Dungeon” mode/section, but that’s the tier list I’ve been using. For instance, I gather that for PvP the Goblins and Dwarves are out of favor at present, as shown in the thread. I’ve been working on developing an Undead team.

For the Tower of Pwnage, which I gather Legend of Solgard has somewhat reproduced the spirit of in their Underworld mode where the strength and depth of your entire roster comes into play, this recent thread has some dream/moonshot hero suggestions, but also some tactics such as using a soak team to get a floor to blow their cooldowns on your expendables first, TOWER OF PWNAGE EXPERTISE?. I’ve got Zomm and Shadowblade that I’m trying to work up.


So, Legend of Solgard continues to crash on my iPhone 6+, and I suspect that the devs have done all they are going to be able to do by now. I just log in to do guild stuff, no longer attempt to level, but it usually crashes before I can complete the donations, the bomb, and the two boss fights. :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like we currently have four open spots, so I don’t want to drop if it makes us look more unattractive to potential recruits, but please go ahead and drop me from the roster when you can fill my spot … the game was fun early on, but the crashes have solidly moved this one to my back burner, and we all have more gaming options than we have time for. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also have stopped playing, so feel free to kick me.


sorry for your technical problems, @Falkenstein :disappointed_relieved:
i suspect the game is a bit RAM hungry, so that devices with less than 2 GB might run into problems?

@kennfusion, i played the heck out of Solgard and had a lot of fun doing so, but it starts to feel a bit outplayed even for me.
but hey, 80+ hours of solid fun was more than you might get from many full priced games. and i have spent only some euros out of respect for the devs.
a very decent FTP.

we have some very engaged new players in the guild and are doing better in the guild runs than ever before.
one of them, Redbear, has already kicked you in his effort to create free slots for new players.
but good to know that this is ok for you.

and btw a comeback will be always possible.


This is what my checking has led me to understand, as well. Apple has long been stingy on increasing the RAM, even tho it probably only cost them a nickel … however, it’s also possible that they were trying to keep older devices relevant since newer devices were also RAM starved? I dunno, but if the game devs would have been able to work with getting within the RAM constraints, it would have happened by now.