Legend of Solgard discussions and guild talk


Stately Players (Ed. might ban me eventually) JulesvH, Tanner, Snotty128, The Dukester, Kennfusion, robthomasson, Holsten Knight and me have gathered around the flag now, and we’re doing great.

i’m sure we will set a new record in next Boss bashing season!

does anyone else want to join?
@Tigana and @geigerm, what about you?


Roughpaw, Pyroon, Flame Wyrm, Tusker = so much fun

You can use roughpaw and tusker to just drag fire all over the board and then match Wyrm to blow it all up.


I’m going to stick with the guild I started for now. After kicking a bunch of inactives, we made great progress through some of the remaining bosses, and I’d hate to jump ship from an active guild.


you’re the man of honor whom we all know and like :blush:

of course you should stay then.

what position on the guild leaderboard is your guild?
we are at rank 358 just now, Boss 3/4 in Jotunheim, 10227/11999 damage done.
only 1773 of 12k HP left for Lokvar, but i’m afraid time will run out before we can bring him down.
next season we will do better.


We’re at rank 1855. Took forever to get through the bosses in Muspelheim, but we polished off the first boss in Jotunheim in a couple of days. Nowhere near enough time to take out the second one, but I think we’ll be better next season, too.


I have been donating 50g to the guild per day, which is no problem, now that I have a better grasp on the game. But I was wondering what the guild does with it? What is the donation for?


donations unlock buffs.
so far we have unlocked +2 HP for our main char, and +3% crit chance and +2% block chance for our creatures in battle.

+1 sun burst will improve the special attack which we get when we have completed a 5-in-a-row match. not bad.

i think a daily 50 gold donation is a bit too much. we all really need so much gold for leveling abilities and creatures and for forging idols.
and the guild bonuses have a very expensive cost/effect ratio.
so i can’t see it as top priority.


I decided to give this game a shot as well and cruised up to level 6 and into the Jotunheim campaign. Here, I’m having some trouble with stacked enemies in multiple rows (the wolves in level 45 in my current case). Even when I get lucky distributions, I can’t kill/block them all quick enough. I get pretty close sometimes, but eventually they do me in. I’ve tried different hero combinations, but I just don’t have many to work with (the starting four and Wyrm Wrangler).

Any suggestions?


Naturally, after posting this I managed to beat the level the very next time without losing a life. I’ll leave the question stand as general advice on how to clear tougher levels prior to being particularly advanced would be well appreciated.


I’ll add a similar thought. I think I’m stuck at 113 unless advice comes along.

It’s a level with the “hardy” Frost Giant bros. So some of my usual favorites, such as Valkyrie, clearly don’t work (the last thing you want to do is ping these guys).

However, even tanks don’t seem to work. I feel like I’ve tried everything — mixing teams up, going for defense first, trying to make only matches of four, etc.

At 10 energy per pop, it’s gotten too expensive to just keep losing over and over.

Help me, Jamma-Wan Krenobi … well, you know the rest.


those Frost Giant Bros. are always a serious threat.

they keep breaking my neck in some heroic levels (eg Stay in Line) and wherever they appear (a pest in Underground, as we can’t know in advance).

Valkyrie a no go in known Frost Giant levels. what else than a tank as substitute? usually Roughpaw.

the best bunker-breakin’ point damage weapon is the Rotbite. he can break through whole columns, getting stronger by each critical hit.
as soon as he is upgraded to certain levels and abilities it starts to show.
for a long time he seems like a fail. but there is a turning point for ignition.

in this case he dug through the whole column to bash the ice barrier for 18 damage :open_mouth:
he started with strength 10 because matching Tuskers had boosted the optional strength of 1 Rotbite the turn before.
[edit: in a recent battle he started with 7 strength and came in making 21 damage.]

generally some campaign levels are real doorstoppers for some time.
sooner or later you can get over it.


There certainly seem to be periodic challenge choke points, so to speak. In a free to play game it’s hard not to take a cynical view and look at them as mini-pay walls. It also seems like in those levels the difference between winning and losing is often how lucky you get with the critter deploys.


I get the cynicism, but I’ve found those choke points often require a change in strategy, not a payment. I tend to stick with one team to get through most campaign levels and don’t switch it up unless I’m forced to.

The comment about luck, though, is spot on. Dealing with those Frost Giants, for example, is a lot easier if you luck into a couple of early combos to beat the giants into submission before they grow out of control.


but it is absolutely possible to jump over all seemingly insurmountable “paywalls”.

just to encourage you all: for the first time i managed to catch all 6 chests in Hero Arena’s Grandmaster League and have completed the campaign (waiting for the new area now).
except one x3 value subscription for 5.49 € i always resisted to spend more money.
so just keep on playing patiently. Solgard is no rotten FTP.


Nice! I’m fighting my way through the Master League right now. Gonna get that Valkyrie …


Valkyrie was a monster in softlaunch, but was severely dissed by pre-global-launch nerf.
i was out if my mind back then, but must admit today that the nerf (of many creatures) was a necessary move.
now she must reach level 5 and Dark Sky ability level 5 to be useful.

btw the reason for my (and Holsten’s) level and progress is nothing but longer playing time, so a look into the future of you all.
i guess we played about 10-12 weeks in softlaunch.
no wizardry, no money.


Yeah, I’m not suggesting you must pay to bypass them, just that their intent is to make more money through those spikes in difficulty.

I’ve managed to get by a few thanks to change in team and luck.


like 4 days stuck on level 95. I have tried so many different teams too.

edit: and then all of a sudden, a team that has failed multiple times, and have not improved at all…just breaks through.


Yeah, luck seems to be the biggest factor for getting past some of those challenge walls. A change in team can do it sometimes, but in my experience only a few heroes are advanced enough to really help on those tough levels. I’m trying to slowly level up more options to be of use in those situations.


It’s kind of interesting to look at the Hero Arena leaderboard, as it shows you what troops the top 10 in the Legend league are using.

Red (Roughpaw/Grimbash) and yellow (Rotbite/Elfling) are pretty even splits, with a couple of red outliers. Most use Rock Gronch for green, with a couple of Grimchops and a Vinebeard. What surprised me is all current top 10 players use Raven Master as their purple troop. I haven’t found that troop terribly useful yet. Anyone else?