Istanbul Tournament


@JammaTal, I’m fine too with continuing our first game. I need the practice as well.


great! same here. then let’s go on.


Does anyone else have a badge icon that won’t go away? It is almost as annoying as never having badges.


no, is ok for me.
away when turn is taken.


Yeah, mine is back to normal now.


Anyone else having trouble signing into Istanbul?
I cannot take my turn and hoping I don’t time out because of this problem.


I just checked and I can get right in.


Wow! I assume things can escalate quickly as players become richer in goods and money, but the score on the Greater Mosque table is only 2-1-1-0-0…


Caravansary is done! Good game all!


Gosh I have no idea what I’m doing.

Is there a reason not to pick up all the assistants when you go to the Fountain? I don’t seem to be able to take an action if I move to a location where I’ve already left an assistant, so why leave one behind? Clearly some rules nuance I’ve missed…

Also I have the permanent red dot, but that’s by the by.

Edit: also I moved to a location with two other player‘s family members but somehow wasn’t able to send them back to jail. What did I miss?


We are all about to get destroyed by Irishdomer so I wouldn’t worry to much about it :smiley:

So, to move to a place you have to leave an assistant there, or pick up an assistant that’s already there. It’s a way of making you think about how you move around the board. You should definitely be able to perform the cards action if you’re moving onto an assistant that’s already there.

I can only think with the jail thing was perhaps they were already on the jail card? After I finish a cards main action I get a pop up if I can send someone back to jail.


Good game all!

  1. @irishdomer08 5
  2. @Dave 3
  3. @Snotty128 3
  4. @mike.zulu 1
  5. @SpiceTheCat 1

I am having trouble getting a higher resolution image to upload. Here is a kinda blurry version. Anyone else have this issue?


GG! You killed us!


The Large Market Table has ended in a draw between @mikekroeker and myself with @JHTaube and @johnl just behind. A great game tightly contested by all players - Joe & John were both teetering on their 5th gems.

I slipped up at the end. My last but one move was to the Tea House. I saw that Mike ((BigDaddy33) could get to 5 gems on his next turn and I thought that was it - my last turn would be at the Tea House. I forgot that I would get another turn after Mike reached 5 gems and thus I would also get a 5th gem.

At the Tea House I went for the absolutely guaranteed 5 lira (I had the red special ability). If I had tried for 6 lira then I would have got it unless I rolled double 1 twice and I would then have won (by the tiebreaker of more lira - Mike had no bonus cards so I knew no hidden 5 lira there). How many times have I told myself - pay full attention!

I think that you will agree that the above is indisputably a truly fascinating story.

But mostly - apologies to @JaneHatke who has to sort out what to do with us now!



The tiebreaker is gold so the shown rankings are correct. Good game everyone!


Good game everyone!


Great game!


How about both tied winners go to the top table?


When you return to the fountain, why would you not return all assistants? I’m brand new to this game but I can’t see any advantage in leaving them out.


I could see a situation where the next place you wanted to go already had your assistant on it.

If you return all assistants then you’d have to leave an assistant on that space to move there.

If you didn’t return all assistants (left that one that’s already on the space you want to move to) then you could move to that space next turn and pick up your assistant and still have a full stack.