Istanbul Tournament


Yes, please add Zebra to the Great Mosque Table.


i had done this too before. you all were on my friends list.
so the window came up to remove you from my friends when i tapped on your name.
but not possible to get you into the game :flushed:

but now we are fine. only @zen4one is missing.
Ward, pw is: wuzz


When done right … invitations are sent to the desired players for the private game and then the players have to Join themselves.

@johnl said above …

… but I did get an invitation to the game. So no apparent feedback from the app but wheels do turn in the internetosphere.

I just hope that the actual games are as much fun as this setup phase.


I saw an invitation and have joined the table now.


Are the two other tables having as much fun getting set up as we are?


Our table started, no issues.


@JammaTal, are you ok with deleting our game and starting again, this time adding Zebra to our table?


Is there still any space left? Would like to join too if possible.


I created a game for Caravansary table. I haven’t invited anyone though! Password is sp1 (maybe with a capital S).


It’s spicethecat, because Acram apparently hate capital letters.


@mike.zulu, I have no objection to you joining as a fifth player at one of the tables. Is there anyone that hasn’t started yet that would like to add one more player?


Thanks for setting up our game, @Hardco. I’ve been in travel hell the last two games


What is your name in Istanbul? We can add you to the Black market table. @mike.zulu



New Black market created. Password is SP

I found a “mikezulu” On the app. I assume that’s the right person!


And first turn of my first game I forgot that I can move 2 spaces…come on, Mirefox!


i’m ok with that. i have created game “Greater Mosque” and this time tried the method of direct invites.

you all (@JaneHatke, @Mirefox, @zen4one and @Zebracadabra) should get an invitation to “Greater Mosque” now. no password. just join.

one more question: how can i delete the old game? guess we all must abandon the game?


Thanks! I’m in!


oh oh, such a game (created with direct invites) seems open to everyone.
an unknown player has joined the game and i can’t unload him.

@JaneHatke, @Mirefox, @zen4one and @Zebracadabra
so i will have to create private game Greater Mosque SP (pw: oncemore).

are there private games with direct invites? i’ll try.


at last i got it sorted out.

we can open a private game and invite friends directly.
i created a password too. but it showed that invited friends need no password for joining.

invited friends will get invitation notifications and can join without being asked for a password.

that’s comfortable.
and no unknown players can join.
it’s even flexible because a mix of invited players and other players (with pw) is possible.
so we have comfort and protection. great!

dummy me just needed some time to check it :rolling_eyes:

@JaneHatke and @Mirefox, did you get invitations to Great Mosque SP?
(if not you can join by using pw: oncemore)
zen4one and zebracadabra have already joined the game.

so Great Mosque SP is the official 5-player tourney game now.

what to do with running 4-player game “Great Mosque”?
shall we go on as friendly exercise game?
guess we can never play too many games of Istanbul, right?


I’m okay continuing the 4-player game as well since I need all the practice I can get.