Istanbul Tournament

Anyone interested in an Istanbul Tourney?
I’d like to get 3 or 4 tables of 3 players.
I’ll organize if we get enough interest.

Sounds good to me

I’ll play. mhatke in game

Sure, why not? whovian223 in game

I’m in. jlongo in game.

I’m in!

I am another one for this endeavour …

Oh boy. I suppose I’d play, though I haven’t even taken a single move in the game. Rejoice, people at my table, you won’t be the worst!

hello Jane!
you can count me in.

I’m definitely in for Istanbul … zen4one in game

I’m in if there’s room: daveseidner

I’m up for it.

I’m in. mikekroeker

I’m in.

Welcome to @Mikekroeker and @Kevindamazyn.

Two new recruits to SP!


In. Completely new to the game, better get a few tutorial games in :blush:

I’m in!

We will close enrollment at 16. Table assignments to follow soon. Thanks for playing!

Everyone will play 2 games. The winners at each table will play at the Winners Table. Those in 2nd place will play at consolation table, third place finishers will play each other, and so on. The winner at each table should report the scores. First name listed, please set up the game for your table.

Large Market Table…@johnl, @mikekroeker, @JHTaube, @robthomasson

Caravansary Table…@whovian223, @Kevindamazyn, @Saviodo, @Hardco

Black Market Table…@Irishdomer08, @Snotty128, @Dave, @SpiceTheCat

Great Mosque Table…@JammaTal, @JaneHatke, @Mirefox, @zen4one

I tried to keep it simple. Hope the rules are acceptable to everyone. Welcome Kevin and Mike to the group! Have fun all!

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What is your in game name @SpiceTheCat?

I’d suggest everyone set the games up to use the following settings:

  • Random
  • No to neutral assistants