Istanbul Tournament


Great Mosque table’s final score:


Final Tables:

Winners…@Hardco, @irishdomer08, @Mikekroeker, @robthomasson, @JammaTal

Second…@Kevindamazyn, @Dave, @JaneHatke

Third…@saviodo, @Snotty128, @JHTaube, @zen4one

Fourth…@whovian223, @mike.zulu, @johnl, @Zebracadabra

Fifth…,@Spicethecat, @Mirefox

Good luck all! Winners, please report scores.
First place should set up the game.


Created game and invited my folks. If needed password is Sav


First table has been created (hardco’s game). Password is sp1.


I jumped the gun and created the 4th table and sent out invites. Password if needed: sp4

Good luck everyone!


I’m not complaining!

Thanks, John.


@JaneHatke @Dave I’m sorry for the late invite!


@Kevindamazyn, no problem.
Invite accepted. Waiting for @Dave.


Sorry about that. Just gor home from the hospital. I just joined.


The Winner table is done!

In terms of strategy, I bought a wheelbarrow on the first turn, which gave me enough room to pick up all four bonus tiles before someone beat me any of the 3 resource bonus tiles. Since the tiles only cost one of each resource, I had enough resources left over to trade for a ruby, and one refill short to trade for a second. With a little gambling and buying a ruby for cash in the middle, I picked up the 5th ruby on turn 17. Good game all!


Congratulations! Great job by @hardco - as we have come to expect (and fear).

I won my first game with the app without getting any bonus tiles. I think that was an aberration and I need to factor them in more than I have been doing. I was lured by some early cash to pick up rubies at the Gem Dealer … but after the first flush I was drifting.

Well, we all were … this is the first game I have seen where the second (and sometimes third) place player did not have 4 rubies. Plus @hardco managed it with the more crowded board of a 5 player game. Excellence!


agreed on all terms. congratulations to Hardco!

at least i could have bought a fourth gem in my next turn :rolling_eyes:
but still far behind.


I don’t believe getting all the bonus tiles is required, but I think you should at least focus on getting one ruby from bonus tiles. In this particular setup, with the Tea House next to the Gemstone Dealer, it might have been viable to pick up the red and green tile, sell goods once, and then bounce back and forth between the Tea House and Gemstone Dealer for the remaining rubies.
But in our game, everyone seemed to be focusing on the Gemstone Dealer, leaving the Sultan’s Palace and the Mosques alone. It was very unusual to get all 4 bonus tiles with only one wheelbarrow expansion, especially in a 5 player game.


at least a win (with two bonus tiles for 1 gem) can be done with NO wheelbarrow expansion too :hugging:


Congrats to @JammaTal for your win at my table.
Congrats also to @Hardco for winning our first Istanbul Tournament.


Congratulations, @Zebracadabra!


Everything fell into place for me. There’s a lot of what I call “procedural” luck in Istanbul. Folks can step in front of you and cost you a tempo very easily but it all went very well for me this time. Gg, all!

I look forward to playing again.