Istanbul Tournament


Thanks, @irishdomer08


Thanks for setting this up Jane, and good luck to @Mikekroeker and @Kevindamazyn .

I believe there’s a 48 hour time out in this game, after which you’re replaced with an Ai. That’s a pretty tight and unchangeable timer so we had best get ours turns in promptly.


“Find player” could not find @Mirefox.

so i created a private game “Great Mosque Table” (pw: mire)

random layout/no neutral assistants



My game name is Mirefox, so it should be able to find me.

Also, I don’t see the room you created. I can only find 1 room, frenchmaidrobot’s room.


I found it. It’s mirefox with all lowercase letters


created game is gone.
i tried again.

and now? can’t start the game.
and when i tap on eg Jane only this comes up.

what’s going on? why aren’t the invited players transferred into the game?


I do not see a mention of inviting (specific) players in the game’s help.

So it looks like we need to start private games for this tourney …

@JaneHatke Do I miss something here?


seems like i could only invite players who were online.

so i created GREAT MOSQUE again. this time as private game, password: wuzz


In previous games I created, I added players to my friend list first. Then chose them when setting up game.


@JammaTal, I was able to join your room. I entered the PW and clicked Join.


Thanks for the reply @JaneHatke … I can’t make it work but I assume that is because I am missing something obvious.


Why haven’t I been assigned? I registered for the tournament!


There’s something very wrong here. jamma notified me by text, and I posted “IN” in caps a few posts past his. How is my post not there??? As well, I received an invite to a Great Mosque room which I’m in with @zen4one and two folks whose handles I do not recognize, janki and bluemchen76.

Can someone tell me wth is going on?


Wow. The missing post thing is very disturbing. It was even there when I revisited yesterday.

Ok, for the sake of coordination, if I can’t play, I can’t play and go ahead without me but I’m going on record for next time. Sigh…



I don’t want to mess with the tourney too much, but I’d have no problem adding @Zebracadabra to our table. Maybe we can just say 5th place is out? It’s going to be me, anyways. I just did the turtorial so I couldn’t be any newer at the game.


Thanks for the offer! I just don’t want to gum up the works at all. I don’t understand how this could have even happened but seriously, if it’s a problem, I’m okay sitting this one out.


We have a private thread in which I posted about this very tournament after I registered, telling the guys that Mike and Dave had already joined, so my “IN” post had to be after Dave’s. Not sure if it was the very next one or not. This is so weird. Okay, I’ve wasted enough bandwidth and will further refrain.


I created the table Stately Large Market, with password: StatelyPlay

When I created the game there was a checkbox with “Replace Inactive Players with AI” checked by default. I unchecked it. Hopefully that helps.

I chose to invite the 3 others to my table, it didn’t appear to do anything.


I think I know what happened. I’ll relate so no one else suffers a similar fate.

They don’t accept any replies less than five characters. What’s really strange is that I entered more characters to make it legit, maybe it was quote I N quote and an extra space after the first quote or between I and N. Whatever. The post appeared and appeared later when I checked but must’ve been somehow rejected later on. Oh well…

I’ll be quiet now…



I joined the game. BigDaddy33 had already joined so I assume that is @Mikekroeker (unless @JHTaube has varied from his usual id). If neither of them then ?!? spooky password guesser!

Unchecking that box means that any inactive player will be dropped from the game (rather than replaced by a Hard AI).