iOS, Android, and Steam codes for grabs

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then we’ll get a code or two tossed our way for a game we already own or, to be honest, we just don’t really care to play.

It seemed a waste to just let them disappear, so why not put them here? (This wasn’t my idea, I’m stealing from @Tamsk in the Stately Citizen Jouranlism thread)

I can’t vouch for these codes…they might expire at some point down the road. That said, if you take one, please respond that you have so everyone behind you doesn’t also attempt to grab it and finds that it’s already been used.

Feel free to post any iOS, Android, Steam codes you might come across that you won’t be using as well.

First on the list:

Mystic Vale for PC/Mac via Steam: ZNNV3-VMF9L-2QGJX
Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic expansion for PC/Mac via Steam: PJEQM-2N3EE-7EXWI


Very cool, thanks for the opportunity!

(I’m just posting, I didn’t take the code).

I’d recommend only distributing the keys in direct messages, or at least making a couple letters or numbers like a ? with a simple (or complex) riddle to solve the missing ones. There’s a slew of robots that crawl the web for codes to resell on grey market sites like G2A.

(also didn’t take either code, already threw a happy fiver at the dlc)

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Well, people can post to claim it and then the code can come via PM. Pocket Tactics does it that way for their giveaways. I won Strike Team Hydra, I think.

I grabbed this one. Thanks!

Uh…there was one already…but the topic title might have been not too conclusive in a search

Coincidentally my offerings are still up for grabs

I didn’t realize that.

I’ll kill this thread

Also, you’re right about posting codes out here in the open. I’m an old man and it didn’t even occur to me.

Let’s add a notch to the “dave’s epic fail” bedpost.


I didn’t realise that either, or I’d have used it for my CS post. Once I get back from my weekend away, I’ll work up a list.

anyone need a steam key for Dicey Dungeons?