Gifts for Friends

I thought to create a thread for announcing giveaways.

For example, I’ve got an additional FTL Steam Key today I have no use for myself, but would love to gift it to anyone here from the regulars.

Most of my duplicate keys are from Humble Monthly, here are a few (all Steam Keys btw):

Dark Souls 3 + Ashes of Ariandel
Civ 6
Long Dark
Tomb Raider
Mr. Shifty
Nex Machina
Sexy Brutale

If you are interested in any of those, please PM me.

Please feel free to post yourself any giveaways you might want to share.

(Please enlighten me, if a thread like this is against any regulations of Steam or of this Site, thanks).


If anyone’s got any ideas how to gift games across different regions app stores, then that would be great. Iirc they used to be country locked

You mean iOS and Android or Steam too?

Ah man, I probably should have clarified that. I meant to iOS App Store. I guess I always thought of Android as the play store for some reason.

Civ 6 is gone

Don’t use Steam myself, but glad to see a giveaway thread. Hope it helps some people get good stuff!

Unfortunately, the Civ 6 key did not work… Country lock.
So, I am not sure if this means „Germany“ only in my case, or the whole Euro-Zone.
Anyway if anyone wants to try the Civ 6 key just let me know.

The Sexy Brutale is gone.
The key worked with someone from the UK. So that is good news.

Good Idea

I am giving away Humble Bundle Stuff myself:

Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Dragonfall “Director’s Cut”
Shadowrun Honkong “Extended Eddition” Edit: Claimed
Dreamfall Chapters

All on steam (may be region locked to Germany/EU) I have gift keys I think that may(be can) circumvent the region-locking

PM if interested

Pm me for a Prismata key (Steam)
First come first serve

It is gone

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I am so late to this but not that much, I think this is the great idea of game to gift someone.
All the games are interesting and I am sure one should also like this.

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Thanks! My decade-old Steam Library has now increased from 3 games to 4! One of which is my own game, so really just three.

I have a key for Istanbul on Switch. DM me and it’s yours. Only one, though. :frowning:

I’ve got an extra key for Crusader Kings 2 on Steam. DM me and it’s yours!

Apparently I can’t edit that but it’s gone now.

Between two Castles is free for a limited time on steam.
You can keep the game after claiming it.

Same for World War Z on the Epic store.

Havent tried any of them yet.


I guess most of you folks own this game already, but Civ 6 is free on the Epic store (pc)

I have a free Steam Key for Cultist Simulator if anyone wants it.

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I banged my head against that game so hard… really wanted to love it but it felt like the more I did the less I understood