Interested in checking out what all the updates and fixes did for AMONG THE STARS?


I do remember seeing iOS notifications during my last play (way back when). It wasn’t just email, though I’m not sure how that’s set up.


If there are iOS notifications, I don’t see how to enable them / disable email notifications. There wasn’t a red bubble either…


I got an e-mail but I also got one iOS banner but no red app badge. I’ll finish out this game, but this multiplayer setup doesn’t bode well for my future desire to play. I hate jumping through hoops.


The iOS notifications are set through your Settings, it looks like


In game settings or iOS settings? I didn’t see anything other than music and sound settings when I looked?


iOS Settings


They are / were enabled. Still nothing.


I just installed the game for the first time and when I fired it up, it asked me if I wanted notifications. I wish I could opt out of the emails somehow.


Weird. It works for me


i’m i the only one who is stuck when looking into the log?
can’t find a way to exit the log screen.
must close down the game and reload.
would be a pretty worthless log then.

but we have replays.


It’s @js619’s turn, in case you didn’t get the notification


Yeah, sorry - wife had spinal surgery this morning, just got home. Wifi there was spotty


Hope all is well.


I hope it went well too.


Thanks all. Went well, now the battle will be keeping her from overexerting herself for a month…


Gulp! All the best to you both for the post-op time …


my best wishes!
i know too well how weak and fragile we human beings can feel after heavy surgery.
i wish your wife patience, strength and confidence.


All the best for both of you!


It looks like the Galactic Research Facility is still bugged.

I’ve been getting 4 points per turn for it.


Was wondering how you were scoring so much already. And I hate the email notifications. I inevitably delete the email (must have inbox zero!) and forget it’s my turn.