Indian Summer League Challenge

a “league” challenge thread for simultaneous all-players-action instead of going to a waiting list.

first 4 players battle it out on the premier “league” table/play the premier league.
next 4 are playing in the major league, next 4 in the summer league and so on, depending on number of interested players.

the last two players on each league table must descend to next lower league.
the first two players ascend to next higher league table.
and the new “season” can begin.

so far all finalists of the just finished Indian Summer tourney have signed in.
champion @SleepingGiant
and me

i think it’s justified that the four of us will play in the first premier league season.
i will wait on a bit.
next four entries will play in the second division, the major league,


I’ll play

Nice game, @JaneHatke!

Good game everyone! Anyone want to play in the Indian Summer league? More players needed.

Crap! I posted in the wrong thread. This was supposed to be tournament.

And sure, I’ll play

ok. let’s get started with the 1st season of the premier league.

major league table will follow when the two open spots have been taken.
when not, @JaneHatke and @whovian223 will play in the next premier league season.

Oh, go on then. I have the Indian Summer app. I ought to use it.

I hereby apply for a league position …

let’s wait on one more day and then start the major league table as 3P game when no 4th player will have joined.

@JaneHatke, can you please invite @whovian223 and @robthomasson to a 3P game?

@robthomasson, friend invite sent
After you accept, I will send out game invite.

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Friend Invite Accepted :sunglasses:

Major League table underway…

1st premier league season is over:

@JHTaube and @irishdomer08 will go down to major league’s next season.

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Well done @JammaTal!

thx Joe!
a supertough competition that was. each move had to be something special.
much more thinking power needed than in Patchwork.
quite another level.
i often had to take back moves for thinking twice…or thrice :roll_eyes:

As someone who sat out this event because it lacks the cutthroat nature and difficult decisions of Patchwork, I think you need to think more when playing Patchwork!

i think you must be joking.
much less RNG influence in Indian Summer.
cutthroat is the nature of Indian Summer through and through.
and never running out of difficult decisions.
in fact there are no easy ones at all.

let me think…yes, you should have played the tourney.

What RNG is there in Patchwork, other than who goes first? That is even somewhat mitigated by the fact the 2nd player ends up a button ahead if both players pass at the start…

My experience with Indian Summer is that I’m generally just trying to do stuff better than everyone else, while having little chance to control what they are doing. But hey, if you can prove me wrong, I’m in for next round!

Seems any 1-on-1 game would naturally be more “cutt-throat” than a 4 player where there are fewer ways to stymie an opponent. Is 1-on-1 Indian Summer as cutt-throat as Patchwork? I don’t know … haven’t played 1-on-1.

I find that Patchwork rewards planning 2-3 moves ahead, forces you to balance coverage vs buttons, and involves just as much consideration of your opponents moves as your own.

Given my limited (4) games of competitive Indian Summer, I’ve yet to figure out how to integrate the opponents’ actions into my plan. Thoughts:

  • Someone took the “animal” tile I wanted last game, maybe it was intentional, so paying attention to the plans for animal tiles is worth it.
  • It seems good defense to leave a green tile in the front of your cue if possible … unless you want someone to take your last tile and give you new tiles for free.
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The Lesser League game is over …

@robthomasson 74
@JaneHatke 69
@whovian223 59

I cannot claim a full understanding of what went on … but it was enjoyable!