Indian Summer League Challenge

we are ready for the 2nd season.

premier league

major league

@JHTaube and me will create the games. with “shuffle” activated of course.

Major League invite is out.

out of a sudden notifications stopped to work for me.
“good” ol’ “apple license expired” problem?
i have sent an ingame bug report.

notifications are back again for me.

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GG @JammaTal! You finished so quickly I didn’t have time to use the feather and mushroom I just gathered. I didn’t get a screenshot but @robthomasson was 2nd, so @JaneHatke and I are headed down to the next major league game.

The end took me by surprise as well … for the record the scores were …

@JammaTal 75 + 3 Nuts (I think)
@robthomasson 64
@SleepingGiant 62
@JaneHatke 55

We were trounced!

Congrats, @JammaTal! Good win!

correct final standings, Rob.
and thx for congrats!
all pieces fell into places for me, what really makes sense for Indian Summer :smile:

Major League score is in…

Way to go Mike!

ascending back to Premier League fame, irishdomer and JHTaube!

3rd season:
i will create the game.

@SleepingGiant, @JaneHatke, @Hardco and @whovian223, are you ready to start the next Major League season?

I’m ready to lose badly again!

Ready to go!

@SleepingGiant, sent you friend invite

Got it, thank you!

Major League invites sent

Premier league season 3 results. Gg!

Great game by all … close … it seemed to accelerate towards the end and I managed to scrabble into second place behind the driving @irishdomer08.

Nicely done!

congrats to @irishdomer08 and @robthomasson!
very well played.

Good game all!