Indian Summer Tournament

Table 2 results. GG

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Wow… I am bad at just about all games but I am particularly bad at spacial awareness…

I’m having trouble using the mushroom. I have two of them, and when I try to drag one to the bag to use it, it won’t let me.

I’m not aware of any special circumstances having to happen before you can use it.

Anybody have some insight?

I can drag any of the other stuff to the bag, but not the mushroom.

Just start by dragging one of your opponents pieces onto your board. It will “use” automatically.

Oh good lord. Really?

I’d forgotten that from the tutorial.

Ok! Everybody get ready for me to use your pieces now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you.

@JaneHatke, your turn for some time.
no problem at all.
just in case you have missed the notification.

Table1 complete…just checked score and it shows that I resigned. Never did. Made a move yesterday morning.

my mistake, Jane. very sorry for that :kissing_heart:

the game was technically over.
(rulebook page 4: “As soon as 1 player has covered their entire Forest Floor with Leaf tiles, the round is played until all players had the same number of turns [edit: we all had completed that round], and then the game is over. Count the number of empty spaces on your Forest Floors to find out who played how well.”)
only remaining nuts had to be placed.
when all other players had done that and your timer had been expired again i thought it would not hurt to let the computer place your remaing nuts just for getting the final score.

did not know that your score would not be shown then.

so here is the corrected final scoreboard, as @JaneHatke did not resign.

me 73 (72+1 nut)
@JHTaube 61 (72-11 empty spaces)
@JaneHatke 57 (72-15)
@whovian223 55 (72-17)

sorry for the confusion :disappointed_relieved:

Championship Table


Consolation Table


Congratulations to those sitting at the Winners Table.
First player at each table, please set up the game.
Have fun!

Please don’t ever do this again.

of course not! have learned that lesson.
and would never have done it if the game had not been over.

it was only for going on to the final scoreboard. just the clean up.
but, yes, not again.

championship table has started.
@SleepingGiant’s turn is on.

Thanks for letting me win @JammaTal @irishdomer08 @JHTaube :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel I still have more to learn about the strategies here. In any case, thanks for the delightful games and thanks @JaneHatke for organizing — perfect time of year to fit the theme.

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Very competitive game. All 4 players finished their mats on the same turn.

79 is a great score @SleepingGiant. Congrats

Way to go! @SleepingGiant
First Indian Summer Champion :fox_face:

It was neat that we all finished the mat the same turn. It was a very tense game for me. More strategic options than Patchwork.


congrats to @SleepingGiant on a great and convincing win!
many thanks to @JaneHatke for conducting the tourney!

and now…i feel like needing more Indian Summer action :flushed:
it’s fast and easy with great potential for depth. a rare and delicious blend.

what about this idea:
a “league” challenge thread for simultaneous all-players-action instead of an inactive waiting list?

the first 4 players battle it out on the premier “league” table.
next 4 are playing in the major league, next 4 in the summer league and so on, depending on number of interested players.

the last two players on each league table must descend to next lower league.
the first two players ascend to next higher league table.
and the new “season” can begin.

what do you say?

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I’m in

Sounds fun, I’d definitely like to play more of this game, it’s not as heavy as most, but still has some depth.

Great idea.
I’ll play

link to the new Indian Summer league challenge thread.