Galactic Truckin’ Tourney


I recreated it just now. Not sure why it went away

@kennfusion @Neumannium @Hardco


created games won’t stay for long when not started.


Yeah, probably timed out when I was traveling. I just accepted, so we are good. Sorry about that.


I been blown up! ouch!


Ouch! Sabotage or pirates or asteroids or something else?
I think you still have a chance if you have a very strong level II ship run.
Our table is one move away from starting our level I flight.


No offense, but that was one of the worst ships I’ve ever seen! :grin:


Flight 1 has finished. On to flight 2!


We had a pretty mellow and uneventful first flight. @SpiceTheCat got out to an early start and mostly stayed there, to his credit. Hopefully there will be more drama in flight II…


losers’ flight has arrived. :upside_down:


Relieved to have Sabotage just chip off the one engine :blush:


I was wondering why it was taking so long for my turn! :stuck_out_tongue:


Flight 2 has completed. Good game!

Screenshot isn’t loading…

@irishdomer08 51
@hardco 28
@Neumannium 16
@kennfusion 0


That might be the highest score I’ve ever seen. Well done both of you. Damn.


That was an interesting flight, as everyone except @irishdomer08 was pretty light on batteries, and the early events were all battery draining. I was expecting an explosive back half of the flight, but it ended up pretty anti-climactic… Good game!


Yeah, I thought I had a decent ship that second time, and I had 6 batteries and they all got used up fast. One of these days I should actually read the rules for that game. :slight_smile:


Table Y is finished. GG all! I filled up on cargo and barely stayed ahead after losing 15c of it on the final adventure card.

42 @SleepingGiant
38 @SpiceTheCat
34 @JHTaube
18 @whovian223

So, it looks like top three from this table will join @irishdomer08 for the final.

I’ll send out the invite shortly…


harrumph harrumph wildcard spots in games when the available points widely differs from game to game…


Yeah, sincere apologies on that. If we do this tourney again next year I would definitely change that, but at this point seems like the most fair thing is to continue with the tourney rules that were in place.


It’s all good… I just wanted to play a three round match! :sob:


@SpiceTheCat I sent the in-game invite to StC rather than SpiceTheCat, maybe you haven’t seen it? Is that still your preferred profile or should I create a new table with your full name? No worries if you have just been too busy, I just wanted to make sure your invite wasn’t lost in the mail :wink: