Galactic Truckin’ Tourney

Galaxy Trucker, y’all, it’s happening!

If this video doesn’t get you in the right mood for it, then you might be dead to me. Which is still ok, some of my best friends are zombies.

Reply here to sign up by March 4th, 2018, Standard Earth Time. Games will begin soon after.

Exact format will be TBD depending on number of players, but ideally 2-3 group matches of 4 players each, then knockout rounds. [edit: actually I’m starting to think more wild cards rather than FIFA style, because the difference between first and second place in a given set is probably more luck than skill] Turn-based, stately timing, with autopilot.

Who will claim the :milky_way::rocket::articulated_lorry::medal_sports:?

Also, chime in here with any further suggestions on tourney format, I just want it to be fair and fun.

And did I accidentally steal this video from @JammaTal’s RftG Tourney because my memory is worse than anyone’s? All these questions will be answered…


I’m in!

I don’t really have any suggestions right now, but I’ll keep thinking.

I will play. I think I started to understand what was going on by the end of that.

I’ll play!

I’m interested.

What is this autopilot? I kind of like seeing what happens during the trip, but I don’t know how autopilot changes things.

I’ll play too

I’ll play!

You still get to see what happens, but you let the AI make decisions for the flight.

great video. and no steal from the RftG Premier League thread.
i have not seen it before :blush:

Sign me up!

I’ll play too. To the stars, in a drainpipe with lasers powered by big AA batteries.

I imagine you all saw this already, but meanwhile, Elon Musk already won IRL…

Still time to join!

Here are my thoughts on format:

Final round — 4 players all 3 ship sizes.
Semifinal round — 8 players, 2 ship sizes, 2 wildcards
Group round — a few single ship matches

Totally open to improvements. Trying to optimize for fun and fairness and finishing in a couple months or so if we all make 1-3 moves per day.


I’ll close the signups in about 24 earth hours from now and then get to work on posting table assignments and final rules. Still open to any rules suggestions until then, but seems like we have converged.

Here’s who I think have said they are in so far based on the replies, please reply if there is a ? after your name, or if you have changed your mind :grinning:

@KYakerDude ?
@JammaTal ?


I’m in.

ok, take me in, please.

Ok, signups are closed and we have 12 players, which is a very good number for a tourney. I just flew to Kuala Lumpur and boy are my wings tired. I’ll plan to post rules and tables tomorrow.

Let the games begin!

Let’s use the following settings for the group round:
Classic components
Classic ship
Cancel flights II and III
Long-Term Game
Digital Deck

Let’s do 3 single-ship games of 4 players each so that most people get to play most other people. I will randomize A,B,C by player for the second and third games, but might as well just go in signup order for game 1.

After 3 such games, the 8 players with highest aggregate scores will advance to the semi-final tables.

So, @irishdomer08 and @JaneHatke please send out invites to your tables.

And anyone please reply if your in-game username is different from your Stately name and I will note it on the spreadsheet.

And, good luck, have fun, and make sure to throw in some friendly trash-talking :rofl:

Game invite out to @kennfusion, @KYakerDude, and @JHTaube

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Invite sent to @Neumannium, @SpiceTheCat, and @JammaTal