Galactic Truckin’ Tourney


hello @JHTaube, @whovian223 and @JaneHatke,

game invitation for “SP table I” seems to have expired because @JaneHatke had not joined.

i’ll create a new game “SP table I reloaded”.


@JHTaube, @whovian223, @JammaTal…my apologies


Game E all wrapped up. Pity @whovian223 got raided one too many times.

@JHTaube: 27 c
@kennfusion 15 c
@Neumannium 7 c
@whovian223 4 c


Yeah, my 4 dollars was from using half of my 6-man crew for an abandoned ship. And then slavers took the other half. Whoops!!!


Hi Jane, no problem.
game has started now :grin:


“You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! Now evidently my cycloptic colleague informs me that that cannot be done. Ah, would you remind me what I pay you people for, honestly? Throw me a bone here! What do we have?”

I think it would be most fair and just to announce the semi-final rules before we get there, as games 2-3 of the group round are well underway.

So, 8 players will advance to the semis, according to the rules above. Then those 8 will be split between 2 tables randomly, and they shall play one match each table, with current rules, except doing both flights I and II. The 2 winners of each table shall advance to the final table, as will the next 2 highest scoring players from either table in the semi-finals as wildcards. In the event of a semi-final wildcard tie, the tie breakers shall be, in order: wins in group round, total score in group round, scores in games 3, 2, 1 of group round, duel at dawn with weapons of choice by the first person to propose a duel.

TL;DR: just win and maximize your score, have fun, throw in trash talking.


Current standings after table 2 results:

As always, let me know if I have gotten anything wrong.


I need more copy, you don’t need table E, you need table H. Here you go. GG!


This is a ridiculous game! It’s crazy, which makes it fun. Slap some tubes together and see what survives.

Great game Table H. Classy ship @kennfusion. I just squeaked ahead with some of bonuses I earned from the early trip cards.


Table G is in.

@irishdomer08 20
@hardco 17
@Neumannium 12
@SpiceTheCat 3


Table E is in.

@whovian223 17
@JHTaube 6
@JammaTal 2
@JaneHatke 0

I got lucky with gun placement and asteroids. Used all of my batteries but got ‘er done!


Greetings, Stately Truckers! I hope everyone is having fun with this ridiculous game.

Here are the Group Round results and randomized Semifinal tables:

The current rules seem to be working OK, so let’s continue as planned, with two tables, one game of two flights, two winners and two wildcards advancing to the final.

The top eight players who are advancing all have a fresh start; the group round results will only matter in the event of a wildcard tiebreaker.

Classic components
Classic ship
Cancel flight III
Long-Term Game
Digital Deck
No Giving Up

@irishdomer08 please invite table X when ready and I’ll invite table Y.

As always, please let me know if I’ve messed up any of the scorekeeping.

Keep on Truckin’


Invite sent to @JHTaube, @SpiceTheCat, @whovian223.


invite sent to @kennfusion @Neumannium and @Hardco


Dang. Didn’t make it into the semi finals.

@Snotty128, @JammaTal, and @JaneHatke are you up for a loser’s table game? It won’t count for anything; just one more chance to play this game.


Sure, I’m in!


well, ok.


Stately Loser’s table is setup.


Did our game get deleted? Don’t see it in the list anymore?


Sorry, been traveling the last 2 days on business and had left my iPad at home accidently (which is brutal!)

Just logged in to accept game, but don’t see it.